12 November 2012

Hump Day

I know what you're thinking...

Since it isn't Wednesday, this post must be about some sort of humping. And you got all excited... or grossed out...or were just expecting something that you are not about to get. Sorry.

Hump Day.


My husband has been out of town since early Thursday morning and he returns late Friday night. With 4-ish days already down, then today, then 4-ish days to follow = Hump Day. Right?

I haven't paced myself very well. I was trying to be all proactive and set up some babysitters/childcare so I could work out and just BE a few times during daylight hours and have a night or two sort of off, but I didn't get a lot of interest to my inquiries. And one sitter possibility forgot about a really important thing she had already committed to and so she had to bail last minute. And I was lame and stayed up too late a couple of nights in a row. So I am really tired already. I had looked forward to an evening run last night until it became clear that it would actually be a late night run and then I tanked and just went to bed...at 9:10.

I almost never go to bed that early.

I set the alarm for 5:30 in the hopes that I would drag my butt out of bed before all the kids woke up and do my run before their day started. Eight snooze buttons later...


It took "just 10 more minutes" to a whole 'nuther level.

The upside? I got the kids to school on time :)

The downside? I was still really tired because that snooze-napping is not real sleep. And I spent more than eight snooze buttons-worth of time half-asleep on the sofa while Miss C watched the same 90-minute Dora the Explorer DVD two whole times without stopping.

I'm hoping that by laying low today the next 4 days will be a breeze...and that I might even have some energy and time to squeeze in some exercise. I'm seeing how much it feeds me to be physical. Given that all four kids have school for the next three days, this little plan should become reality :)

So not the humping you might have been expecting, but there's today's whine...and I can't even have any cheese with it because dairy makes my body hurt.

Any other whiners out there today? Feel free to unload here... 


  1. Hope the next 4 days get easier for you :)

  2. awww, i hope u're able to get some REAL sleep here soon and get some energy back! i kno the quasi-sleep thing well and also kno it does NOTHING to actually make u feel rested. here's to hopefully a good 4 days to get u feeling better. :)

  3. Coming from a military family, I know how hard it is to be solo. There were 9 of us kids growing up and at maybe day 5 of week-long business trip for my dad my mom would shut herself in her room and we were on our own!

  4. lol I have those days and I only have one kid. I have fallen out of working out in the morning and it's really impacted me. argh....I'll whine whenever someone lets me ;)

  5. Hang in there. I can't even imagine what it must be like. The only word that comes to mind is exhausting. Good luck!

  6. Oh, I so hate it when my husband is out of town (and I only have the two kids!). You are so entitled to your whine.

  7. YIKES! hope you get some rest and find some “you” time soon. at least Miss C likes dora :)

  8. you crack me up...try some WINE instead of whining...it does a body good ;) hmmm...but then we start bitching...ok, maybe a nap ;)

    Feel good! Hope your husband comes home real soon!

  9. I have one child and I would find a week of single-parenting hard work...so wow to you! I'm with the commenter above...turn to wine ;)

  10. ah, I can so relate to staying up too late just to get some time to yourself! And then I'm completely tired the next day. Solo parenting is tough! Hang in there mamaa...

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