29 July 2012

Just so this blog doesn't get SUPER boring and stagnant...

...here's a post...

It will lack cohesion. It will ramble. It might be boring...but it WON'T be stagnant.

Let's tackle the fitness end of things first...

Tonight I ran for the THIRD time this week. Watch the f*ck out. Getting serious, y'all. After my two pain-free runs on my flat, chill loopty-loops, both being 2.25 miles in length, I decided to challenge myself tonight...yep...Moeser...

This is how she looked tonight from the top at around ten minutes after 6.

I started OCD-style at the very bottom...right next to the Golden Gate Adult Superstore ('couples encouraged!'). Ugh. Why did I include that link? Now I will get alllllll sorts of interesting google searches in my analytics :P And I RAN all the way up that puppy. ALL. THE. WAY. UP. And in keeping with the OCD-ness of the workout, instead of stopping at the usual OCD turnaround telephone pole, I continued running until my Garmin showed me "1.5" so that I could ultimately claim a 'long' run of 3.0 miles even.

I felt GREAT. I didn't even want to stop at all. I even ran (sort of) down the hill, too. This proved to be fairly disastrous. No, it didn't hurt my hip...I went super slowly and carefully, with awesome form and a quick, light step. It was more the fact that by the time I got back to my car at the bottom of the hill, my had-4-kids-at-an-advanced-maternal-age bladder control had demonstrated how it is less than stellar. Yes, like a good blogger I took pictures of the enormous mess that was my shorts...I even texted it to a good friend. But given that she hasn't responded to that text, I'm thinking that pissed-in-pants pictures cross the line of not only good taste but perhaps friendship as well. So you are spared.

To keep the AwesomeBall rolling, I jumped into the car, changed my shorts and drove to the gym where I planned to spin out a quick turnover 30 minutes on the elliptical (a somewhat delusional prep plan for the downhill portions of my relay legs). Somehow that easy spin-out contained a new elliptical 5K PR (super meaningful...I know) without me even trying. 19:49 for a 5K...man, still wishing that this machine translated directly into road speed. *sigh*

Throw in a little climbing that is amazingly helping my core and overall strength ... dudes, I even have biceps now... and that was the fitness week that was. It was an easy week. Remember...life is kicking my a** right now and we're taking whatever we can get :)

Now on to kid stuff...

Lots going on.

Friday, no one had camp. We needed to do something fun to keep our minds off the fact that a DVD was jammed in the car's DVD player and was going to probably cost an absurd amount of money to extricate and repair. We started off with pancakes. My kids have pancakes a LOT. They are the norm here. So to make them seem more special, I made Mickey Mouse-head pancakes...

Yes, served up on a Jimmy Neutron plate. 

We then headed across the bay to Sausalito and the Bay Area Discovery Museum...located at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge in Fort Baker. It was foggy but not cold...

My charming sons attempted to steal the donation money...


And then we proceeded to this summer's main attraction...Clifford the BIG Red Dog...

He is ... BIG. And red.

Miss C really dug this set up.

While she tried to bring some order to the chaos of a children's museum by stacking the bones...
 I mused at how progressive things are on Birdwell Island...

And then she had to pee. But being 3 years old means that when you have to pee you don't have to pee. Instead, you just hop from one foot to the other, rub your knees together, remain in frenetic motion... God forbid I should scoop her up and simply carry her off to the bathroom...her screeching would summon protective services :(

Almost immediately after this picture of her trying desperately to not pee in her pants was taken, 
she begrudgingly agreed that a visit to the bathroom was a good idea. 

After playing on the outside exhibits for a little bit,
she spaced out.
This usually signals a meltdown is imminent and so we headed out...
and had lunch at In 'N' Out...much to everyone's delight!

Big G needed me to photo this very unusual french fry.
I said it looked like a fishbone. He said no.

On Saturday, we picked up the car. The DVD had been extricated, but there are no guarantees that it won't happen again...although the mechanic did observe the unit functioning properly several times post-extrication. If the unit is a goner, they tell me it'll be a grand. Which is not so grand.

And then my son became a cyborg...

Legos taped to the head = cyborg

Did you ever tape stuff to your head when you were a kid?

And no, he wasn't a mean or destructive cyborg. The little gizmo wouldn't stay taped to his head long enough to do any damage to anything but his own hair.

Hope everyone had an equally entertaining weekend! Now it's on to Monday!!!! Yay!!!!


  1. I know I'm not supposed to think the idea of your kids stealing donation money is funny, but it made me LOL. :)

  2. What kid wouldn't wanna take a stab at the cash? Kudos to you for getting in any fitness at all despite the madness that is summer.

  3. Oh the long since past days of the pee pee dance! You can buy dual screen dvd players with a car adapter for less than $200--those factory installed prices are cuckoo. Glad the running is holding steady at pain free.

  4. Glad you were able to squeeze a run in amidst the family fun!

  5. Looks like fun. You are never boring!

  6. Oh no, if I had JUST text-replied sooner with approval, you would have shared it with the whole world! I feel responsible for the world's loss.

    p.s. your reply text was alien language. I'm hoping we Moeser on Tuesday.

  7. Glad to hear you're running pain-free. Keeping my fingers crossed for a full recovery.

  8. I feel like I just did a workout reading yours ~stretching with satisfaction~ I feel great! Thanks for that! Next time can you workout shoulders...mine are looking a little flat. I'll be here waiting for your update while eating Fruit Loops and Diet Coke. Love ya!

  9. Nice job running up that mammoth hill! Is it weird to wish you were my mom and would take me to cool museums and make me Mickey Mouse pancakes? Yes? I thought so...

  10. My daughter does the pee hop too, rather than stop what she's doing to actually, you know, pee. If someone tickles her in that state, she'll wet her pants. She's really fastidious in other ways--I'll be glad when she outgrows this.

    CONGRATULATIONS on running that hill!! I've done four miles, but I haven't done anything on hills yet. Wow! I know how good that must have felt.

  11. You had me at Mickey mouse pancakes

  12. oh clifford the big red dog! I love him. and emily elizabeth. yes, this is all very sad that i know all of this when I don’t have children. adventures in college babysitting. :):) hoping the running streak continues!


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