06 July 2012

The Vacation Post You've Been Waiting For...

Summer vacation has been going on for a whole THREE weeks. Everyone who has been reading this blog for the last 6 or more months knows what that means... school break = time to go to the zoo.

Yes, another ZOO post.

How many times can you go see the same zoo animals without wanting to poke out your eyeballs? Well, if you're three years old, there are no limits...

Happy!  :)

But if you're 12 going on 13, you've seen it all and done it all. And riding the stupid train is particularly boring...especially when your mom makes you leave your 500-page, hardcover library book in the car...

Not happy.  :(

Personally, I never get sick of the zoo. You never know when you will see something that makes your jaw drop...like an elephant penis...or something that makes you go "awwwwwwwwww"...like an adorable baby giraffe.

Baby is next to the tree on the left. See? It's the small one. ;-)

I let the kids take most of the pictures this zoo visit. I could have made several thumbnail collages of 'finger shots' but opted not to. Instead, I am sharing some very mundane animal pictures...sorry, no penises...

Left: the zoo now has 7 otters. They were frolicking wildly in the water and having a blast. It reminded me of my kids fighting, but the otters looked like they were having fun. 
Center: this is the first time EVER that I have seen the warthog. I actually used to think they were lying about having a warthog. Right: the emu was out of the corner.

We went to the Reptile Room. I try to stay out of that place because there are a bunch of 'quiet please' signs posted all over, and my kids have sign-blindness. This time, though, they begged. And were relatively quiet...and took lots of pictures. Thankfully, for the sake of the animals, without the flash...
Left: the frozen frog. Another visitor kept insisting that it was a fake...but I could see it breathing.
Center: Big G insisted this turtle is his 'spirit animal.' He launched into a 20-minute dissertation on what that means and why he believes this. I have no idea what the other 3 kids were doing during this time.
Right: super cool bright blue frog that was only photographed because I insisted it be.

Big G did eventually get with the Fun Program. He was the primary photographer and even played nicely with his little brother...

Pretending to surf on top of a swimming tortoise. 

Q-Man went on his first-ever roller coaster ride with his more-experienced sister...

...and loved it! 

And for some reason, there's this picture of dirt...

...not entirely sure what that's all about. 
And it isn't even in focus. 

Maybe I took that one...I've been having real 'focus' issues lately.

Happy weekend to all :)


  1. i also always love the ZOO.
    so far my kids are still happy when we go
    that pic of your son is hilarious!!!
    life is tough!!! :)

  2. The zoo is great no matter your age! The giraffe is sooo cute!

  3. My boys never get tired of the zoo...it's magical!

  4. I remember when I let my daughter take some pictures on a vacation once...this was back in the day when every picture counted because digital didn't exist. I paid about $6 for 20 cloud pictures.

    I still take my kiddos to the zoo...well, at least my 21-year old. The other two not so much. The zoo rocks!

  5. Ah yes, the zoo post...I think I'm due for my yearly one as well. Need to dig up my nose plug though, our zoo smells like buffalo poo.

  6. I wish we had a good zoo here! Our zoo is mostly farm animals.

  7. lol..those first pictures were hysterical...one loving it..one not so much. I loke the zoo...but not when its hot.

  8. That happy smile looks like something reserved for zoos and candy!! Is that zoo dirt?


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