02 October 2012

A preschooler hikes: a story in pictures

it's hard to get going...

...but once you do get started...

...exploring can be fun...

Really fun, in fact...

So fun that you ignore your mom and dad telling you to
And you run and run and run while they chase and yell...
which is super fun!

Until they catch up to you...
...and talk to you about not running away...

...and make sure you are listening.

But eventually they stop all that talking and let you get started again...

And it's really fun again...

And you start running again...
...but only because your brothers started it.

And then they ditch you at the bottom of the big stairs...
...and you slow down and start crying...

...until you see the wild turkeys!
And you chase those guys...
but they run into the bushes 
and your mom screams when you try to follow them...
something about leaves that will make you really itchy.
You don't like being itchy so you don't follow them.

You head back to 'civilization' and find a really cool thing...
...that you simply must figure out.
Your mom says it's time to go but you haven't figured it out yet so you holler at her.
She tries to pick you up, but you run away really fast.

But you get tired...
...and sit down and demand that she carry you.
But, of course, now she won't pick you up and tells you you must walk to the car.

What is UP with that?

Everything turns fun again when you get into your dad's big truck in the booster seat!
Which is totally different from and way better than the car seat that's in your mom's car.
But your big brother is now pissed off...
probably because he doesn't get to sit in a super awesome, way cool booster seat!
And no way are you sharing.


  1. Amazing how much drama can go on during a little hike, huh? Looks beautiful!

  2. Love this. Gorgeous scenery with super cute kid mixed in - even when a bit pouty and being scolded by daddy.

  3. so adorable. I love defiant spirit! ;)

  4. Very cute! So hard to keep up with those big brothers!

  5. So funny! Toddlers are so moody...one minute happy, one minute sad...and I don't think they ever really listen.

  6. She is really cute. Though her father scolded her but she still had fun in nature.

  7. Look at her getting to be the featured attraction! And carry the child will ya, all that turkey chasing is exhausting!

  8. THe tights are hysterical. Hiking in those could make anyone want to frolic!

  9. These photos are magical!
    And totally made my day. :)


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