04 October 2012

Let's Go!: on a trip up and down my favorite hill...

I've talked about my adventures running up and down Moeser Lane...

And you've seen the photos... 

From the top.

With RoseRunner on the super steep part.

And I've shown you the elevation profile of a Double Moeser...

This is actually a two-and-a-halfer. Subtract that final minihump to see a Double.

But only one of my blogreaders has ever experienced the magic that is Moeser (and she appears in one of the photos above)...

Yesterday as I was doing a DM (Double Moeser) in the hot sun of the late morning, I thought to myself  "Wouldn't it be fun to take my readers on a trip up and down Moeser? I'll bet they'd really like that!" And so I made these two videos...one goes UP and the other goes DOWN. So clever, I know ;-)



For real.

When you hold a cell phone video camera out the window of your car while you're driving the wind noise is really loud. Like, REALLY loud. And the hugest bummer of all is not that the loud noise is super annoying but that it covers up all of my witty commentary. So sad... so sad :(

So I guess that these videos are actually just super boring and very jiggly 2-minute videos of someone driving up and then down what appears to be some random street...and it seems kind of stupid. But whatever... here they are...

At 00:24, there is a lot of lurching for a couple of seconds. 
If you were able to hear my witty commentary, you would know that it is a demonstration of what it would look like if I'd tried to make the video while actually running and not driving.
And when we get to the top and I go around the corner,
I am showing you my OCD telephone pole stopping point :)

Again, such a drag to not have my amazingly entertaining commentary :(

So there you have it... Moeser Lane.

The most fun part of the run yesterday was when I summited for the second time (yes, I am saying 'summited' like it is a mountain...because it is, thanks), and there was a man just having summited and starting back down. We shouted "GO, TEAM MOESER!" at each other with our fists thrown triumphantly up in the air. It was nice to have a feeling of solidarity at that moment as I was really not feeling the fun.

But then I went home and was missing that satisfied feeling of arriving at the top and remembered to give the experience a big 'thumbs up' :)

Yeah...I was sporting the dumpling/sausage/Schwarzenegger look again...

4.68 miles
55 minutes
1400' of climbing

Good times.


  1. HOLY HILLS!!! that is insanity. i thought it was hilly here. you, are a rockstar. :)

  2. oh my god, that is no joke! That seriously looks like Hayes Street Hill but repeated for like 3x as long. Legit! Conquering that hill means you can conquer any hill lol

  3. Holy crap, that's a long hill. I had no idea when looking at the twin peaks on your elevation maps that it was so long.

    And, I do totally miss your commentary. Record it again with the window up :-)

  4. You know it is a hill, when every car in the video has its wheels pointed to the curb!

  5. I wish we had a hill like that around here!

  6. Thumbs up for you! I really want to experience that too.

  7. That hill is crazy! ( I know I have told you that before!) It just never ends!!

  8. You're so beautiful. Yes, that video actually does moeser justice. It makes it look insane. I love the lingering moment on the OCD pole! I hope hope hope next week we hit that hill together.

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