11 October 2012

Less than Seven

Sometimes I find myself surprised.

In fact, today was full of surprises. For example, it rained. I suppose if I paid attention to weather forecasts I would have seen that one coming, but I no longer follow any information services (no newspapers, no radio, no t.v. news broadcasts, ignore updates on my smartphone...). I guess I kind of like surprises.


I planned on running this morning after dropping my kids off at school. But that didn't happen. I really wanted to go back to bed. So I did.

It was going to be an epic double Moeser...maybe even a triple. If I was going to exercise, I was craving arduous. Instead, I did the total opposite...I sacked out. It was necessary, but then I was faced with really wanting to run and not having the time to do what I planned and needing to shift directions.

The next window of running opportunity came at 8 p.m. Moeser was no longer an option in the dark and away from home. And the idea of slow, easy, boring loops at home in the dark was repellent.

Hmmmmm...what to do? what to do? A-HA! I know...

Time for a timed mile :D

I scarfed down a chicken andouille sausage because I was starving, got the kids in bed, put on my running clothes and decided to just do the best with what I had going on. I didn't stress about burping up spicy meat or the possibility of rain. I had a rough idea of what I was shooting for... a single seven-minute mile. My plan was to hit the first quarter in 1:45 in the hopes of an evenly paced mile and then either watch the wheels fall off, hang on to it, or destroy it. Or whatever the experience held for me. I was open to anything.

My two-mile warm up was comfortable and relaxed, but the few pick-ups I tossed in seemed to register slow on my Garmin. I adjusted my plan to running a 7:30 mile...I didn't care if I was slow, I wanted to feel successful :)


I started running.

Oh, sh*t...the damn Garmin said 6:34. Well, whatever...just do what you can is what I told myself. After a blistering first quarter (6:31), I slowed considerably. I stopped looking at the watch and just ran. I felt like I kept things just this side of disaster. And somehow I managed to keep each quarter under 1:45 and finished the whole mile in...


The fastest I've run since 1997.

I felt like this.
But older.

And hey, wow...

I know you have all missed a good voting frenzy ;-)

Click on this pink circle and scroll down to Taking It On and click the little thumbs up...once every 24 hours...and it could be that very voting frenzy we've all been missing!

We could pretend that your votes are a little reward for running so super fast ;-)

Thanks in advance :)


  1. And you sure do deserve a reward for running so fast, so late in the day, and post sausage especially.

  2. That's a lovely mile. Good for you!

  3. Congrats on a super speedy mile!! Love that photo, it's pretty awesome!

  4. That victory picture for a sub-7 min mile is awesome and so are you! Yay for a fast mile!

  5. Awesome mile!! Love these kind of surprises. I can't believe you ate a sausage beforehand. haha

  6. fast fast!!! you get my vote of course...what do you win for this?

    are you running the nike half???

  7. WOWOWWOWOW! Super fast! I will vote right now :)

  8. Woo-hoo! You speedy woman, you! :)

  9. Congrats on the speed! Love the picture, but love the caption beneath it the best!...I felt like this, but older! bahahaha This is why I love you...that, and one day I may actually be motivated to get my ass off the couch from reading about your athletic successes.

  10. Woohoo on the fast mile!

    On a side note it's nice to see someone else that doesn't track current events. I follow along loosely by skimming the paper on Saturday, but that's about it.

  11. Wow, super fast mile! I'm glad I'm not the only one that had no idea it was supposed to rain. I woke up so shocked when I heard rain but like you said I probably should have checked the forecast.


  13. Awesome!! Speedy!!! Love the picture, too.

  14. So fast! Congratulations! (I am not really surprised.) I'm impressed you knocked that off at night. I hate running at night!!

    I voted for you--fingers crossed.

  15. CONGRATS!!! that's awesome, and wat a great way to get to a new PR...you just had a random urge to bust it out and you got out there and got 'er done!! :)

  16. Congrats on a speedy mile! And even better that you weren't expecting it! Now I'm getting the itch to go out and try a timed mile... I'm just starting a new training cycle and it would be fun to have that mile for comparison.

    Love the pic, too!!

  17. I seriously admire you! The fastest I ever ran a mile was when I was in highschool and it was 7 minutes (something.) I seriously felt like I conquered the world. Today it would be more like 15 minutes :) Voted too!

  18. That's fast! I think my recent fastest was somewhere in the 6:30's. But the other two times I tried it was right around that 6:40's.


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