18 May 2012

Friday Four...From the Gym

Things have been super hectic on pretty much every single front in my life lately. Pick an arena and there is tumult, chaos or extreme busy-ness. I did take Monday off of working out...and after 15 days with no rest days, I needed it and enjoyed it.

Just to keep you up-to-date on one of these arenas, here are five things from this week's gym-world...

1.  The Coroner of Munchkinland works out at my gym.

On second thought...he might actually be a descendant of Jules Léotard...

Maybe not...maybe those guys each had a kid who had a kid together who is the guy at my gym. Anyway, I don't know how he maintains that awesome 'stache set up when sweating hard...either lots of wax orrrrrrr he doesn't sweat that hard. Maybe Munchkins don't sweat? Anyway...sorry for not having a real picture that I took myself. I tried...really. He walked by me several times, and I had the camera at the ready, but every single time he passed by, he turned his head away. I wasn't comfortable going up to him and saying Hey! can I get a picture of you to post on the internet, drawing attention to your facial hair sculpturalities? Well, actually, I would have but by the time I finished my workout, he was gone. Next time.

2.  No climbing this week. Bay to Breakers is Sunday. Sometimes the climbing gets my alignment torqued and then running is painful and dangerous. I wouldn't have time for an adjustment (or the moo-lah for one), so I'm not going to risk it.

3.  #heavybreathing. Still doing it. In fact... during last night's very intense cardio session I couldn't help but notice some confusion or consternation going on next to me. The heavily made-up chick

think:  Tammy Faye

about to get on the machine to my right was balking. She and her male companion (who actually bore a slight resemblance to Jim) began to engage in an animated discussion which I could hear none of...thanks to Trisha Yearwood screaming "She's in Love with the Boy," the blood pounding in my ears at a rate of 158 BPM, and, no doubt, my own heavy breathing. Seems she really didn't want to be next to me :P And they really wanted to be next to each other. I watched them strong-arm sweet-talk the chick one over from the machine to my left into taking the one right next to me. She also appeared visibly concerned but got zoned into her own workout enough to not be too bothered by whatever objectionable things I was doing.

4.  Out of the 15 elliptical machines, I now have a favorite. Is that weird? I keep thinking I should give myself a mental challenge by using other ellipticals and, at first, I did. I rotated every workout so I wouldn't get 'stuck' on one in particular. Well...that plan didn't work. And I've managed to acquire an affinity for a particular StairMaster, too. I won't hang out waiting if my faves are occupied, and I won't shoot daggers with my eyes at someone using them, but I do heave a heavy sigh of disappointment if they are not available...and then move on. Anyone else do this? Why do we do these things to ourselves?

Okay...so that's it from gym-world.

As mentioned above, this Sunday is the 101st running of the Bay to Breakers, and I will be there. I realized that I may not have registered...in which case I won't be there. I can't seem to find my confirmation email, and haven't received any sort of alert in the mail. Ugh. I am getting nervous that I will schlepp my sorry self over to the the lame-o expo and find nothing. Guess I'd better get cracking on that confirmation email search! What would you do it that happened to you? Or are you far too organized to ever do something so ...ummmmm... dumb?

Wishing much speediness and perfect weather to all racers this weekend! And lots of fun, laughter and good times to all :)


  1. Some day I want to do Bay to Breakers. It seems like it would be a ridiculous amount of fun. Plus, I am a fan of nudity.

    1. You should do it! When you say you're a fan of nudity, does that mean you'd run it naked?

  2. I have a folder in my inbox just for running related emails...and that is where I put all confirmations...that works...
    I was a planner in my other life..you know pre kids...so I am organized!
    I hope you get to do the race!!!

  3. I would have to say that I AM, definately 100% a wierdo when it comes to being a creature of habit...so I would toatlly find one piece of equipment that I like...for "whatever reason" and stick to it! Stupid I know! But, I am mindful enough to know that I would try and switch it @ just to convince myself that I didn't need that one...and then go right back to it ;)

    I used to be organized...but 3/4 kids later and I have so lost that battle!!!

    Good Luck on your run...I can't wait to see your interesting pictures from it...would LOVE to get out there one day!

  4. I've shown up to a race I didn't register for once, and once I registered day-of for a race I'd already registered for!

  5. Oh yay, B to B weekend! Have a blast!! :)

  6. You have to get a pic of the stache:) Good luck this weekend and have a great time! I'm sure your packet will be there safe and sound.

  7. Good luck and I hope you're able to run the race.

  8. I find is weird that they were so co-dependent they had to be near each other for 30 minutes at the gym. And that they didn't want to be close to someone workout out hard. Um, it's a gym? For working out? Ugh. I suppose that's part of the fun of Gym People Watching.

  9. Speaking of B2B, there is some crazy shit going around- I plan on biking around the second half of the course....maybe 19th avenue.... So if you are spectating maybe we can create a crazy scene to make the racers forget their oxygen debt...

  10. This is so funny, because I was just thinking today that I should share some of the characters I see regularly at my gym, from my comfy back-supported stance on the recumbent bike. There's "hugely pregnant but still more toned than I am" girl. There are the jogging dudes who do the indoor track (12 laps to the mile--fun!) but look like they promptly shower and go to work at the place in Office Space together afterwards. There's friendly Troy the weight-lifter dude, who knows everyone's name--it's like the gym is Cheers and he is Sam. Anyway....I love posts like this! And I'm so glad you didn't get off your machine for the Entitled TV Preacher Couple.

  11. So? Are you running today? If so, have a blast!!!

  12. Ha ha so true. I have not been inside a gym for many years but from reading that I know not much has changed.

  13. I hope you found your confirmation and had a great race. I look forward to your B2B race report.

    I haven't been to a gym in a long, long time... maybe 7 or 8 years?! Sounds like I'm missing some fun.

  14. I hope you did Bay to Breakers! I'll put up a full recap soon, but the race was interesting. It was actually pretty boring this year! I didn't see any alcohol on the course, and zero mayhem in general. Way different than prior years. Not sure if I like having zero chaos, felt too much like a normal race! haha

    I actually was able to run most of it, my right ankle felt some discomfort yesterday, but it actually feels okay today surprisingly. Maybe I survived it okay with my ankle. I just didn't want to set my recovery time back by running too hard.


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