15 May 2012

It felt like a really long, hard week...again.

This girl's smile celebrating her first popsicle made it all worthwhile.

I'm not as cute as she is.
I spent a lot of time looking like this...

 A lot of time...see? 
Different day... really.
You can tell it's later in the week because 
the bags under my eyes are markedly more pronounced.

Here's what happened...

Monday:  The previous week had taken its toll...I was exhausted and had a migraine. My birthday run the day before in the hot sun and getting lost and all that was an extra-exhausting way to finish out what had already been a solid training week. I had a climbing date Monday evening and decided to hit the elliptical for 30 min @ HR 130-140 first.  30 min cardio + 90 min climbing = 120 min.

Tuesday:  I still had a migraine but had "hills" on my schedule. Following my morning stint as preschool chauffeur/chaperone, I somehow rallied that evening to tackle my first-ever Double Moeser...

Look... it's a camel!
each hump a 700+ climb, total distance was 4 miles

Honestly, I don't know how I did this one, but did it I did. 4 mi running = 52 min.

Wednesday:  Revisiting 100 minutes of exciting cardio @ HR 130-140, changing the scenery by going from one machine to another...you know...so I wouldn't get bored. 30 min elliptical/20 min StairMaster x 2 = 100 min.

Thursday:  Utterly spent myself mentally and physically in a one-hour climbing session during which I managed to complete two 5.10c routes that seriously kicked my butt in every way. Instead of having the courage to tackle the tempo run on my schedule, I reluctantly dragged my bike out of the garage when I got home to make an attempt at some small cardio something and ended up enjoying 40 minutes of a gorgeous day while easy-pedaling on a flat trail just enough to break a sweat and loosen up my tired legs. 60 min climbing + 40 min bike = 100 min.

Friday:  Tempo time. Having a very full day with a preschooler in tow and then dealing with a kid being picked up from the airport while all the other kids needed to be put to bed kind of put a damper on my excitement for the tempo workout. Once I realized that I wouldn't be able to start it until 9 p.m., I decided that I would see how it worked on the elliptical...sooooo radical, I know. HR supposed to be Zone 4...I am new to all this HR stuff. Zone 4 for me used to be 175-185, I think. So I went into the workout thinking that was what I needed to hit. So. F*cking. Stupid. Thankfully, I decided early on to just do what I could with the workout and not dwell on the numbers. I spent the whole 33 minutes of the tempo part just under 160. Which, it turns out, is actually what it should have been for a 49 year old woman! Go, me :) Need to remember that I am not 28 anymore.  43 min cardio = 43 min.

Saturday:  Not sure exactly why I wanted to 'go long' on this workout...long wasn't on the schedule. I had a climbing date and so was already at the gym. I had the window of time free of responsibility. I took advantage of it. 90 min climbing + 30 elliptical/20 SM/30 elliptical @ HR 130-140 = 170 min.

Sunday:  Long Run time.

That incline should look familiar...you just saw it twice on Tuesday.

One of the hardest runs I've ever done, primarily because I was not in the headspace to tackle it. It had been a very difficult 18 hours leading up to the moment I walked out the door. Thankfully, I took it slow and followed the HR format...holding it to 130-140 (it did jump into the 150's on that uphill and slip down into the 120's on some of the downhill). I forgot to turn on my garmin for the first little over half-mile. The run was intended to be 9.7, but I started 45 minutes later than intended and it was getting dark. I ran through neighborhoods I've never run through (only driven) before.

– Hello, Mr. Drug Dealer lurking under the freeway overpass...oh, I'm sorry... I mean Mr. Drug User. Sorry...I got you confused with your supplier there at the end of the dark tunnel :P

It was kind of freaky...not so awesome coming upon someone while he's shooting up. And by then I was tired. The guy with the loaded shopping cart and the loaded pants (yes, you're understanding that correctly) ranting to himself and waving his arms wildly cinched it. I made the call.

Hi, honey...

Ten minutes later I was safely ensconced in my minivan with my husband at the wheel, driving back to suburban Shangri-La and my awesome pink carpeting. I was and am beyond fine with "just" 7.9 miles.

Later this week I want to share a bit more information about my "revolutionary training plan for invalids." I am really fortunate to have a friend who was interested in creating this with me. My primary objectives for the training cycle involve minimizing ouchy pain (as opposed to the beneficial pain of hard work) and feeling solid about my training. I hope to feel confident and strong as I head into my next few races. We'll see how it goes.


  1. I occasionally have scary runs like that. I'm glad your Hubby was close enough to rescue you!

  2. Yay for the hubs coming to rescue you! I used to have runs like that...where for whatever reason (you had VERY good reasons) you just don't feel safe! Girl I know you said you were tired but it sounds like you rocked your week! Seriously...I'm impressed!

  3. That was some week! You did great despite being tired. Glad your hubs could come pick you up - always better to be safe!

  4. You are:
    1. Hard core. Those hills are intimidating.
    2. Funny. Ghetto running is so entertaining! There is a route nearby that goes under an overpass that has a weird fenced off section. Presumably the fences are to keep people from living under the interstate, but instead they climb over and peer at you and it's like running past a zoo of homeless people.

  5. Husbands rock when you least expect it...ya gotta love them!!

    Oh, and I can't wait to hear about your training plan for invalids...should I go ahead and sign up now???

  6. Scary! SO glad your husband could come so quickly! Your week looks amazing to me:) Way to push through!

  7. GREAT WORKOUTS WOMAN and you rocked the camel:) That is awesome your husband was there so quickly:) WAY TO GO!

  8. That is alot of time working out! Impressive...no wonder you were tired! I can only think of the amount of food I could consume if I spent that much time training :)

  9. Those humps are ridiculous. 700ft each one??? You are amazingly strong. What a week you had.

    Pink carpet rules.

  10. such a cute little girl! congrats on your workout week, holy crap! i can't imagine doing hills like that. impressive!

  11. WOW those hills look HARD!! Go Girl!

  12. This was a monster week of training! Look at those hills! No wonder you're tired! Great job!

  13. I'm going to take a nap, I'm exhausted just reading all you did last week, holy crap! I'm going to take a nap anyway because I don't feel that great but reading all that just confirmed the nap. :) Hope you got some rest and feeling less tired.

  14. You are amazing. Talk about motivation. I was feeling all pleased with myself for five miles today. Now.... not so much. ;)

  15. Those hills are CRAZY! Great job tackling them. Thank goodness for your hubby coming to the rescue!

  16. As if you're an invalid!...pfffttt...I don't buy a second of it. No kidding you're tired, your training schedule is that of a professional athlete. In case nobody has told you my darling friend, you are no longer a competitve rower meeting Cuban leaders. You do not need to keep that kind of pace....my goodness, I don't even get 7 miles out on my most rigorous day. Stop being a machine, you're making those of us without migraines and heat-stroke look bad! xoxo

  17. Good heavens you've been busy! And seriously-I think my brain would explode if I moved to a real city. I'll take coyotes and snakes in the middle of nowhere over the risk of running into someone shooting up any day.
    You've motivated me to see if I can sneak in some hills tomorrow morning.

  18. Miss C is getting SO big!!!!
    I hate running in to creepy situations while I am running...that's no fun....Hope you avoid that area at that time when you run again.
    Sounds like a busy week, hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  19. Dude, that made me tired just reading it--no wonder you were exhausted. And I'm jealous that you have races on your schedule.


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