12 May 2012


Have we got ladybugs!

I mentioned the other day that my lovely Gertrude Jekyll rosebush was suffering an awful aphid infestation which I planned to solve with ladybugs. We've done this before...gone to the local garden center and purchased a bucket of the cute red insects, released them into our yard, and watched them devour the aphids that were thick as thieves on the succulent, tender rose buds and shoots.

Yesterday was the day. After school, we went and bought our little bucket o' bugs. We watered the garden and waited until dusk. We opened the bucket and sprinkled the buggy contents around the bottom of the afflicted shrub. It was cool and darkish, and the ladybugs were very sluggish. As they were not very entertaining, we all went inside.

This morning at around 9, I mentioned the ladybugs.

The backdoor flew open and 3 excited kids ran out and over to the rose...whereupon they began shrieking with delight! Ladybugs in and amongst the petals...

Ladybugs clustering in the rose's foliage...

And visiting the neighboring strawberry...

We believe some were mating...and some were chasing to mate...

And the dianthus...

They loved the dianthus. 

As of this evening, there is absolutely NO sign of aphids on these plants :)

Go, ladybugs!


  1. Ladybugs - 1 aphids - 0. Go ladybugs!

  2. Go to the ladybug, thou sluggard! (I paraphrase)

  3. I hate slugs. What do the ladybugs do for them?

  4. wow...amazing pictures!!! My boys loved this post!!! i guess I'm off to get some ladybugs ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  5. Are they actually ladybugs or asian beetles?? We have a TON of asian beetles. I thought they were brought in/over for aphids. hmmm. I'm not that "up" on my bugs-obviously! I'm glad it worked!!

    1. The bucket says 'ladybugs' but they might be lying. I don't rightly know!

  6. I love this!!! I never knew you could just go out and buy them! You're flowers are beautiful!

  7. I hate aphids! Yuck! Great job, ladybugs!

  8. okay, now i REALLY want to go get some ladybugs for my flower gardens. so brilliant!

  9. Do those things bite?! We had some ladybugs like that when I lived in Illinois and they would sting like crazy!!

  10. How cool. And you made it all magical for your kids, too. You have a real gift for that. :)

  11. I love to follow and read your blog. I'm an amature runner... I started last summer by training for and completeing my first half marathon. I took a break for winter but I've started running again now that the weather is warm. What I find is that when I'm running regularly, I'm exhausted ALL the time, even though I'm getting plenty of sleep. How do I combat this? Is it something I'm doing wrong with diet? Please help?

  12. haha...I love Pavement's comment :). Glad the little critters did the trick. My boys LOVE ladybugs.


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