26 May 2012

My husband is away, and I'm allowing my children to stay up too late watching movies with inappropriate language...

...because I wanted to mess around with PicMonkey and make some frivolous collages.

Collages of myself.

Not even collages of my super cute kids.

What a narcissist.

Top, L to R: Canadian Henley Sr. Lwt. 2x 1989, MRA 4x practice 1997. 
Middle, L to R: Canadian Henley Sr. Lwt. 2x 1989, PanAm Games w/ Fidel Castro 1991, People Magazine 1991. 
Bottom, L to R: Head of the Charles Lwt. 4+ 1990, Lake Merritt Sprints 1x 2001.

Clockwise from top left: CIM 1996, HTC 2011, Moeser 2012, my hallway 2012, waterfront parking lot 2012, CIM 1997.

I really should have been washing dishes or tidying toys or something else, but this was far more mindless. Sometimes mindless is good.

The movie? Men In Black. I had forgotten how many 'bad' words there are in that movie.


We did have the talk about not using those words ourselves, especially within earshot of small children (like Miss C and friends at school and their siblings) and people in positions of authority (like parents and teachers). Those instructions may or may not be recalled by Q-man...he's the loose cannon in the bunch. Time will tell.

If you want to make some of your own collages...narcissistic or otherwise...this PicMonkey link is pretty awesome. They are super easy to make and upload easily onto your blog :)

This is about as close to 'crafty' as this mommy gets.

Do you ever do 'crafty' things? Any plans for the looooong weekend? 
– my big weekend plans revolve around entertaining myself and my children, weathering their spats, reheating pizza, wiping butts, and monitoring the kids' use of 'language' learned while I was slacking tonight. 


  1. Those are really cool. And I tend to not notice bad words unless they're said by or around younger kids.

  2. Very cool collages- I am definitely NOT crafty! I was just thinking of renting Men in Black the other day!

  3. Not big on crafty things. And if "bad" language is the worst thing the kids do you ought to fall on your knees and thank whichever deity you worship. Now I'm frantically replaying MIB in my head, trying to find the bad language. Plus, your kids, all kids, have heard all those words already.

  4. Hahaha- yeah, we don't need movies to share the colorful language as my potty mouth has already rubbed off on my 5 y.o. son... oops...

    And I am very crafty, am really into all these neat photo apps (my fave right now is Little Photo) and I love these collages! Def gonna check out Pic Monkey- thanks for the rec!

  5. I am NOT crafty (another reason I fear elementary school), but maybe I could handle those collages. :^)

    When my husband goes out of town, much take-out is consumed. MUCH take-out. I might reheat it later....or I might just get more take-out.

  6. Love the collages! I'm going to have to try that:)

  7. Thank you for sharing the link. I have been wanting to start doing some things with my pictures but really didn't know where to start. I think this will work!
    Were there that many bad word in men in black? Wow I had forgotten that also. I am glad you said something because I just might have turned that on this summer for the kids. Maybe next year.

  8. Oh how fun, thik I will have to go make some collages of myself now.
    Men in Black is a great show, I am excited to see MIB 3, yay for another one!

  9. I love all photo stuff...I love to make photo projects only..no other crafts...I will check this website I did not know it!

    MIB...my kids asked to watch it yesterday I said not sure it is ok for 6 and 7 yrs old...I dont remember it...its been too long

  10. I hope you get a mommy's relaxing weekend soon, you so need one!! :)

    I've never heard of picmonkey. I can't do anything crafty and now that my kids are old, I don't even know where the scissors are.

  11. Why aren't they watching Tommy Boy? That's f**ked up - way better than MIB with a comparable inappropriateness quotient.

  12. I love when my husband isn't home and I let the kids curl up in bed with me and watch movies. He's so not into that.

    We let our 11 year old watch 'House' with us last night. Not sure that was a good parenting move.

    I'm usually ok with bad language, my kids are good at censoring. It's the adult themed discussions that I have a hard time with.

    Happy long weekend to you and your family. Love the collages.

  13. I have never used PicMonkey but totally will now! I mean, I won't be able to use it the way you have with those awesome pictures of yourself, but...maybe I could make a collage of me eating Kit Kats? This looooong weekend we are getting our house ready to sell! That's fun, right??

  14. Love MIB! I haven't seen it in years though....guess I'd better before the kids ask to watch it.

    How could you not want to stay up late making collages with awesome pics from back in the day like those?! Going to have to check out PicMonkey...I now feel the need to make collages.

  15. Ooohhh I think I need to try out Picmonkey. I like what you did with those photo collages. I just came back from a weekend camping trip and am catching up on the blogs. Hope you had a good one!


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