21 July 2012

How are YOU getting your Omega-3's?

If you're a whale, you're eating krill.

  • fight signs of aging
  • support heart health
  • support healthy liver function
  • increase joint comfort and support healthy joints
  • help with brain health...memory issues, dementia prevention, concentration, learning
  • bolster your immune system
  • work to support healthy mood balance

What is krill? Krill are small, shrimp-like crustaceans that feed on phytoplankton and are an important link in the oceanic food chain. They are present in great abundance. Small marine animals and the world's largest marine animals feed on krill. In fact, the bulk of the largest animal on the planet's diet is krill. The blue whale will consume upwards of 40 million krill a day. It would stand to reason that krill are a nutritional powerhouse if they, almost single-handedly, can sustain the massive blue whale.

Krill. Shiny. Kind of pretty! Maybe not.

Personally, I've taken a variety of oils to try and get a plentiful and healthful supply of Omega-3's. I even tried krill oil once upon a time a long, long time ago on the recommendation of my acupuncturist. I remembered liking it a lot...but not so much liking the price tag, and I returned to fish oil and flax oil.

Why would one consume krill? Or, rather, why would one take krill oil instead of regular fish oil? In fish oil, "the omega-3 fats are found in the triglyceride form. In krill oil, they are found in a double chain phospholipid structure. The fats in human cell walls are in the phospholipid form." This means that the fats in krill oil are far more easily absorbed by the human body. Additionally, krill oil contains some vitamins and anti-oxidant compounds that are not found in fish oil.

I felt content paying less and getting less. Then, back in March when I was at the nadir of my health issues, I was contacted by a very nice lady from Everest Nutrition asking if I'd like to try out some krill oil for free in exchange for a review. Whoa! How awesome would that be? Being given a product that I had wonderful prior experience with but could no longer afford, and being offered it while I was feeling like complete and utter sh*t. I think I scared her with how fast I jumped at the opportunity.

I was sent two bottles of 60 capsules. I finished them.

I ordered 6 more bottles. Clearly, as with just about everything in life, you get what you pay for with oils.

I definitely give krill oil some credit for helping me climb out of the crap-health hole. Helping to replenish my depleted and nutrition-starved body, it worked quickly and effectively. And not only does this particular company provide an excellent product, but dealing with Everest Nutrition has been so super easy. Thumbs up for product and customer service!

Because I love krill oil so much, I am giving away a bottle of 60 capsules of Everest Nutrition's Krill Oil. To enter the giveaway, please follow Taking It On on either GFC, Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment letting me know where you follow and that you want to WIN. Following this blog in some way is a requirement of entering. If you follow more than one way, again let me know in a comment what the additional ways are. Tweeting, blogging or Facebooking about the giveaway will each net you an additional entry.

To recap, there are a total of 6 ways to garner an entry:
  1. Following via GFC, Twitter or Facebook....each worth one entry...leave a separate comment for each.
  2. Tweet, blog or Facebook the giveaway...each worth an entry...leave a separate comment for each.
Entries will close on Wednesday, July 25th at midnight. 

To learn more about their Krill Oil and see why you WANT to WIN THIS giveaway, go check out Everest Nutrition's website by clicking on their name!

Disclaimer: though I was provided with free krill oil for review, the bottle I am giving away is from my personal paid-for stash. My opinions on this product are my own. Only U.S. residents are eligible for this giveaway.


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  17. Following on GFC. BTW, I discovered Krill Oil just a few months ago. It is amazing, and it's not even the good stuff!

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