16 July 2012

An Art Car and Adrenal Fatigue

As I was sitting in front of my new doctor's office the other day...uncharacteristically early... I took a call from a friend who suddenly started saying...

ohmygod! oh MY God! 

repeatedly, in a very excited voice.

She started to describe what she was seeing. I interrupted to ask where this was. Turns out, it was right around the corner from where I was sitting!

I hastened over...we exchanged awesome good friend hugs...and then we delighted in what we observed.

You may remember the Snail Car from last spring and the Flying Saucer Car last summer. While this latest sighting isn't quite on the same level of engineering ingenuity as those previous two, it still pretty much rocks...

You may be thinking...
Big whoop. It's a freakin Honda CRV. Pshhhh...no biggie.

But look!

It is entirely covered in DUCT TAPE!

So... a Duct Tape Car.

I'm guessing they aren't worried about the paint job.

And the answer to the $64,000 question...What the heck has been my problem since forever?

Looks like it's been 'Adrenal Fatigue.' This is not a medically recognized condition...which to some degree is a real shame. If you go to a 'regular' doctor, they most likely will not diagnose anything until it progresses (or you degenerate) to the point of you being seriously bedridden and incapacitated. I'll definitely write more about it, but if you want to do some digging around on your own, google searching 'adrenal fatigue' and 'adrenal insufficiency' is a great place to begin your education ;-) It is estimated that approximately 80% of the adult population suffers from this to some extent. There are 4 distinct stages and several sub-stages to this unrecognized-illness. I'm providing a link to a list of 18 symptoms. For me, it's been really helpful to know that it is real and, most importantly, it is treatable. While I'm not out of the woods yet, I am feeling like a real person for the first time since...well...forever.

Thanks, all of you, for the sweet emails and supportive comments. You make this journey so much more bearable :)


  1. I didn't even know they sold gold duct tape. That be crazy ;). I hope you feel better soon!

  2. My niece would LOVE that car! I swear she will make her prom dress out of duct tape when she grows up! I'm so glad you have a name for what has been making you feel out of the ordinary!! Sometimes just putting a name on it can help! I hope you are feeling like a million bucks very soon!!

  3. Whaaaaat? A duct-tape covered car? Craziness!

    Hurray for having an answer. Hope it's a short step to a solution. :)

  4. hope you get some answers and resolution so soon. My coach just posted a link to an article about adrenal fatigue, very interesting.

    duct tape car? crazy

  5. Whoa. Were they headed to Burning Man?

    Sorry about the adrenal fatigue thing. But I know you'll kick its ass like everything else.:)

  6. Hope this is the first step to getting back to YOU. On to better things! And weird car. Who took the time to do this??

  7. Wow on that duct tape car, lol!

    Glad that you know what you are dealing with, but bummer on what it is. Hope you are able to live okay with that.

  8. A diagnosis is the first step to moving forward. Glad you finally got one and can start treatment. Sending you positive thoughts that you'll get through this quickly and with little drama. :)

  9. I love art cars!

    I'll be very interested to hear the treatment for that. I looked at some of the sites on Google, but I was too lazy to glean more than that there are supplements that can help????

  10. I'm glad you have found something that is working for you!

    Though I don't buy all the explanations of those 18 symptoms. One is hemorrhoids and it says it's likely "do" (rather than "due") to adrenal fatigue. The entire side of my mother's family has them (and I have not been spared) - it's totally genetic. Not adrenal related.

  11. the car...it is crazy..,

    I hope that you are on your way back to being 100%. I am curious about the "cure" for this condition. what supplements you are taking..

  12. Totally doing that to my car when the paint job goes. I love it. Glad you have some guidance on your health now and I hope you can find healing soon.

  13. I like the duct tape car...crazy! But crazy is good! I hope you get your problems sorted out now. Take care!

  14. I was on the verge of adrenal fatigue a few years ago... my cortisol levels were pretty low. Been feeling great now for the last year or so and off all the supplements my naturalpath had me on. Good luck! Glad they figured it out!

  15. I'm not sure why one would duct tape a car but it sort of looks cool.

    Very good on figuring out what is causing the problems -- seems thats half the battle most times -- now heres to feeling better soonest -- we've got running to do!!

  16. I'm so glad you have some answers and hope that you are on the road to getting back to your old self.

    Random car!

  17. I'm super behind on blogs as usual, but HOLY COW, I WANT TO SEE THAT CAR IN PERSON!! Seriously, I will drive through I-80 traffic to see this thing. (Bonus: I could say hi to you!) That is amazing and weird and bizarre and incredible.


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