11 July 2012

Nothing new to report. Attention-grabbing, I know.

I like to blog when I have something to say.

I usually have a whole lot to say (yes, its value is debatable), but lately I really haven't. I can't attribute it to Blogger's Block. It's more of a "life sometimes rides you a whole lot harder than you planned" kind of thing.

I've recently come upon information that explains a sh*t-ton about my health issues. I'll be creating a post of some sort on that. It will be interesting and informative and some of you may be very helped by reading it. It will take thought and organization and time...all in short supply during summer vacation with four kids all up in my Kool-Aid.

I'm still climbing and loving it. It has been a great way to 'get out of myself' and focus on something very intently that holds no charge. It is strange to me how it 'feeds' me in that way. My friends are trying to convince me to enter our gym's 'competition' this Friday, but I think I want to keep climbing just about me and my journey. Did you just gag? Yeah. Well, I don't think I want the stress of competition to enter the Zen that is my climbing experience.

I'm still working out on the elliptical and the stairmaster and loving it. I have no plan with it...I just go in with a rough idea of what I feel like doing or have time for and sometimes I stick to the initial idea...and sometimes I don't. I tackle them between 2 and 5 times a week and spend from 33 minutes to two hours mindlessly grinding away. I feel remarkably fit and very strong. On the machines. Wishing it translated into running. I keep saying that...

This weekend I will start running again. It will be interesting to see what I come up with as far as a training plan. The only running-related thing on my horizon is Hood to Coast with Nuun...Team Morning :) My objective is to run as fast as I can without injuring myself enough to warrant hospitalization, crutches, or not being able to ambulate effectively once the swellings, cramping, and soreness calm down ;-) I figure that if I can get my road mileage up to a 7-8 mile 'long' run and start cranking on the Big Hill again, I should be able to achieve my objective.

My kids are being just awesome this summer. Except for some preteen attitude crap which is par for the course with preteens in the house. I've adopted a zero tolerance stance. They are responding...sort of.

I will leave you with this chunk of cuteness...because every post should have a picture, right? And want to thank all of you awesome readers who are still hanging in with me. I've been dealing with some massive stuff lately and haven't been as participatory as I would like. It's bugging me that our 'relationship' is lop-sided at the moment...please don't anyone take it personally :)

We keep trying to get rid of this pink princess talking mirror vanity thing.

My husband has hated it since the moment it entered our home seven and a half years ago...well, he hated it before he even knew it existed. Every time I hide it to take it to the consignment toy store, a kid finds it and drags it out into view. Miss C has rediscovered it and loves it. Even though the batteries are dead and it can't do the whole 'mirror, mirror on the wall...' spiel anymore...thank GOD.

So that's my boring-ass blogpost. I just wanted y'all to know I am still alive and kicking :)


  1. Oh, I'm anxious to hear about your health issues...I am sure it will be informational!

    Life gets in the way of many things we like or enjoy doing...what's nice about the blogging world is I think we all get that and don't expect alot from others...sometimes just getting it all out on a post is what we needed the most!

    good to know your still alive and kickin ;)

  2. I think life in general has just been tough lately. We ll have our struggles that we go through. You amaze me with your determination to keep going and pushing yourself. I hope running goes well for you this weekend. You are amazing! Love the cuteness!!!

  3. Glad to hear you're still with us! Cute photo of your daughter with the vanity! Sending healing wishes your way.

  4. Life rides you harder than you'd planned...yeah, I get that. And you can't get rid of me...you are stuck with me reading your blog until you retire from blogging, which I hope never ever happens.

    I totally get the whole, keeping the competition thing away from the Zen of "X". I let that happen with running amongst other stuff, and yeah, I kinda need to get my head clear so I can put up some monster miles again.

  5. Hey sometimes you just need to deal with real life and let the blog(gers) wait! It's okay! I think summer is especially hard since there is a lot going on and the outdoors to be explored! Have fun, get your real life stuff taken care of and then come back fresh! We will all be here!

  6. Gotta do what feels right in all things. Glad you're still kicking :o)

  7. I for one am very glad to hear you're alive and kicking. Keep kicking...and btw, there's no such thing as a boring blog, certainly not when you include a pink princess vanity mirror that talks! Where can I get one? Or do you just want to send me yours? I love you longtime!

  8. there she is!...well I am now concerned and curious about what you discovered....I hope that whatever it is gave you answers and maybe it is helping you figure things out...I hope the running goes well this weekend

  9. Sending you BIG hugs!! Miss you!

  10. Glad you're back! Good luck w/ the running. Can't wait to hear more about your health stuff when you have time!

  11. Hope everything is ok with you! Hugs, thoughts, and prayers headed your way!

  12. I understand about being busy (says she commenting four days late). And I'm looking forward to the post about the explanation for some of your health issues. Don't worry! We'll always be here when you're ready to write.


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