18 July 2012

Musique pour Mercredi: ThePianoGuys...and more good news.

First, the big news...

I ran.

It had been a few weeks. I think the break was a really good thing, and the gym cardio has been super helpful in keeping me fit. The first mile felt great...so of course I had to keep going. Will I never learn that lesson? Okay...I think I learned it last night. I stopped at 2.3 miles and still felt good...not great but good. Five whopping weeks to get up to speed for Hood to Coast. If you're one of my Nuun teammates, don't get nervous...

I've freakin' got this.

Second, the medium news...

I'm still feeling like a real person...and getting better every day.

I will write more about adrenal fatigue and adrenal exhaustion soon, but right now I'm just enjoying the process of healing myself. Lots of meditation. Well, I lie down a few times and day and practice "wakeful rest." Or is it "resting wakefulness." Sh*t, I can't remember now... Anyway, I feel good :)

From a site called How to Meditate Properly...
thinking perhaps I should take a look :P

Third, some non-news...in fact, third is just some


This really wowed me. A friend posted it on Facebook with the caption "just to put a smile on your face"...which I needed...and it did :)


What is making you smile today?


  1. Freakin' AWESOME!!!! on all three parts.

  2. "How to meditate properly" ... shouldn't that be subtitled "show me the way to go om"?

  3. The news that you ran and felt good made me smile! Here's hoping I see you again at H2C this year.

  4. yay for all three! such exciting news to be on the mend and healing!

  5. love this very positive post!!!

    that video is awesome not AS awesome as your first news though ...:)

  6. So glad you ran and felt good! Who cares about any of the details?!

    Believe it or not, I'm feeling good about probably having to get a shot in my back.

  7. Hood to Coast is going to be amazing! I can't wait to follow along with you ladies!

  8. I love The Piano Guys! My twelve year old cousin turned me onto them!! :)

  9. Dude, I NEVER doubt you. WOD blown all over the place!

  10. Yay! Glad you've been feeling better & got a good run in! :)


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