07 July 2012

Some of the stuff I've been leaving out...

1. I've been rock climbing. No pictures. I need to figure out how to carry a camera (or phone) when I climb. Anyway...my instructor-turned-friend paid me a huge compliment the other day, and I am feeling so good about deciding to give climbing a try. And I climbed 2 routes rated 5.11a that evening :)  Meaningless to most of you awesome readers, but it's improvement and it's got me excited!

2. I have not been running much at all. And I am planning on organizing an Ellimpics for us injured athletes. Look for details coming soon, and submit suggestions for events. That said, I am increasing my running miles this week so my training for the EGames™ will be limited ;-)

3. I have been working out a good deal, though, and the other day set a completely pointless PR on the elliptical...speeding 3.1 elliptical miles (yes, that is 5K) in 20:03. It would be so amazing if elliptical speed translated into running speed...but it doesn't.

4. We went to the beach and everyone had fun...not just Miss C and her Squishy...

~soft frisbee necklaces, playing with sand crabs with cousins, getting buried alive!~

~boogie boarding and a wicked riptide...this was the first time in 15 years that I've gone in~
yes, it was very cold

~digging a trench...guess which picture shows the fight...hint: all four kids are in it~
they spent literally all day off and on digging this

~then they planted a really big stick~

~Big G and Miss C paid homage to the planted stick~
and that bottom left pic is what the beach looked like when we left

...and this is what we drove into. Northern California coastal summer weather at its finest! 


  1. The weather looks pretty crappy there at the end. Looks like Oregon coastal weather. So glad you got to get to the beach. Sorry you're still injured. But good job on the elliptical PR. :) I give you props for just enduring the elliptical at all! xoxo

  2. Looks like tons of fun at the beach!!! Awesome way to rock out an elliptical workout, nice. PR.

  3. Wow, that is some trench :D

    Nice elliptical PR - that machine drives me batty. bah. Nice elliptiPR, though! You should get an automatic 3 min grace just for doing that.

  4. Nothing better than the beach!! Keeps the kids entirely occupied!

    I am going to try the elliptical this week in your honor since I am not allowed to run...again...but I am sure I won't even come clos to your PR ;)

  5. I think i have an injury iny back because i have had sore glutes since January. That is not normal
    i think i should qualify for the Ellimpics.

  6. Sounds like you have been having a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. I'm looking forward to the Ellimpics. I bet I'll come home with a gold medal simply because NO ONE ELSE will want to enter the recumbent bike division. Oh, and now I'm mixing in some elliptical myself. I'm going after your 5K elliptical time. Hahahahahaha!

  8. And that is what we call summer fun! Great pics!

  9. That is one serious trench at the beach! Love being at the beach. Closest one for us is 11 hours away :-(

  10. I would trade your weather with mine right now
    I could go without all that sun and heat no problem!

  11. I miss California so much sometimes....the ocean there is so cold though...I do remember that! Looks like a fun day at the beach!
    I am glad you are still going on the rock climbing, good for you! And hey a PR is a PR no matter what you are doing!

  12. Your beach pictures look wonderful. :) What a good time!

    I haven't been doing much of any running, either. Ever since falling and hurting my knee in Kansas, running has been a tricky proposition. Doesn't take long for my knee to stiffen up. :( Trying to get back on that horse tomorrow, though. Wish me luck!

  13. I love the planted stick. :)
    Congrats on the 5.11a and the elliptical PR!

  14. well, at least you are keeping with your cardio on the elliptical :) love the beach pics!

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  16. It sounds like you are taking time to make some wonderful memories with your kids. As you know they grow up so fast. You are killing at the workouts! Yeah you!!! Sorry I have been quiet on commenting lately, but know that I never miss a post! :-) You're awesome!!!

  17. ok...so you KILEED me on the elliptical for a 5K...absolutely killed me ;) I will say that I was having trouble with my right and some numbness though (excuses?)

    Nelly suggested to me that I visit your blog after reading my last post because he thought we had some similarities with our injuries...It's funny how I remember reading your post with the video about your hip...how you couldn't lift it while supine etc...they think mine is nerve related at this point...could that be a possibility for you? Just a thought!

  18. The beach looks like it was a lot of fun!

  19. Beautiful beach day! Would love to join you at the climbing gym sometime soon -- have my own gear!


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