26 July 2012

Two and a Quarter

That's how many consecutive, pain-free miles I ran on Tuesday.

Pretty awesome.

They were sssssssllllloooooooooowwwww but not painful. I cannot remember the last time that was the case. Yes, I experienced some tightnesses and some twinges...but nothing I'd classify honestly as "pain." And no pain the next day. I felt weird taking an epsom salts bath after a whompin', stompin', slow-ass two-measly-mile run, but I do think it helped. Taking care of my body feels foreign, but as I reap the benefits, it makes total sense. Why did I not understand this for freakin' almost 50 years? Well, now I do.

Can I get a "halleluja"?

Four weeks to get ready for the Hood to Coast Relay with Nuun...my PT and I are fully optimistic that I will be ready and able :) I surely won't be fast, but..well...when was I ever? But then again, Nuun didn't select me based on my speed to begin with. Am I right?

Speaking of Nuun and Hood to Coast, my Team Morning teammate, Tricia (who was also my Nuun Platuun teammate last year...and will again be our team's lead-off runner as I am, again, our team's anchor...probably in more ways than one :P), alerted me to some fun, new information and a chance to win some free stuff. Tricia works for the ZOOMA race series, and they are introducing a new race...

To enter a random drawing for a swag bag from ZOOMA, click here and submit your guess by Friday July 27, 2012!

And speaking of random drawings, today's random drawing right here on this blog once again proves that it pays to enter random drawings even if you're sure that you won't win.

The winner of a 60-capsule bottle of Everest Nutrition's Krill Oil is Michelle is Running with Attitude! The good ol' random number generator over at random.org spat out 38 when asked to provide a number at random between 1 and 39, inclusive. Michelle, are you just SOOOOO surprised?  :)

And stay tuned for info on the up-coming Ellimpics! You needn't be injured to participate (we do not discriminate)...but all events will take place on rehabbish equipment...elliptical trainer, stairmaster, recumbent bike, alter-G...what am I forgetting? It will be very loosely organized, but there will be killer prizes...probably one awarded for Event Most Likely to Induce Insanity (i.e. elliptical marathon, recumbent century...) and one that will be awarded by random drawing. I'll try to sort out some details...or perhaps make things more confusing...over the weekend, so look for an informational post early next week.

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here :)

Do you look forward to weekends?
– when I was in the throes of adrenal fatigue (which seemed like forever..because it kind of was) I actually dreaded weekends. The thought of being home alone with my kids was overwhelming and nearly incapacitating. Now that I am emerging from that fog/climbing out of that quicksand/whatever you want to call it, I look forward to them :) 


  1. Every weekend I look forward to going a few days without talking to anyone.

    It never works out, mostly because I'm married, so I have to talk to my husband, but also because, try as we might, there always ends up being something going on every weekend. I never regret it, but I never really get the fortress of solitude weekend I want.

  2. waaaaahoooooooo

    yay weekend!!

    "that was easy"

  3. so many amazing things in this post

    (and thank you)

  4. My goal is five pain free by Aug 1 or, well, I don't wan to think about it.

  5. I'm so glad you are going to be good to go for the Hood to Coast!!! Great news! I really look forward to the weekends since we are on vacation for the month of July without hubby....the weekends he joins us! Always great to see him!

  6. This is such great news!!!! Glad you have such an optimistic PT :) and that you'll be able to run hood to coast. Speed doesn't matter. I'm slower than ever lately and I am loving it :)

  7. Is your husband NEVER home on the weekends? Ugh.

    I'm so glad to hear you ran pain-free. It all starts with one step, as you know and I feel confident this time you're going to be able to ramp up the mile.

    A month to HTC - wow. Where did summer go?

  8. Glad you area feeling better. Thinking of you and praying for continued mini-successes.

  9. OMG! i can't wait to see if I make the ellimpic team! I can probably medal in the HIPtathalon, which consists of 8 different PT exercises....

  10. halleluja!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you, the light at the end of the tunnel!

    cannot wait to see you in Seattle!

  11. Yay for pain free! Looking good for the relay! Have a super weekend!

  12. halleluja! You know I know how awesome pain free miles are! so happy you're healing.

  13. Good job on the pain free miles. We'll take 'em! You are going to have a great time in WA!

  14. Hooray for taking care of yourself and some pain free running!

  15. Hooray!!!! 2.5 miles is fantastic. So happy for you.

  16. Halleluja for pain-free!! Hope this is the start of something good for you!

    Very psyched to have won the Krill oil!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. So glad you're feeling better!

    Being as I'm off summers and my kids are home with me every day, every day is like a weekend...or, every day is like a workday...guess it depends how you spin it. Of course, my running/riding friends are off weekends to give me an escape, so I guess the answer is yes. :)

  18. Yay!!! I loved this post. I've been running miles, but they are slow as well and none have been pain-free.

    I'm scared....a recumbent century....isn't that what I've already done????


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