04 July 2012

A City Ahead of the Times...

The City of Richmond...City of Pride and Purpose.

That is the actual city motto.

Before I lived here, I didn't even know cities had mottos.


Richmond sets trends. Rosie the Riveter was in Richmond. Which led to the innovation of daycare, as moms moved into the workforce during World War 2. It's a fascinating albeit crime-riddled, tense city with a very rich history. Where is she going with this? you are asking.

Richmond's forward-thinking ways extend to the celebration of the Fourth of July. It does its fireworks extravaganza before everyone else...on the Third. They put on the show over the water adjacent to the city's yacht harbor; the fireworks explode right over a waterfront promenade and large grassy knoll. Everyone feels like they have a front-row seat. Best fireworks-watching set-up ever...at least according to this fireworks junkie.

Yesterday was our first-ever fireworks outing with all four kids. Both of us parents really wanted to go this year, and so Miss C was decided to be old enough and we would just hope and pray she didn't get too totally freaked out...especially since she would be up way past her bedtime.

We live walking distance to the event, which meant no traffic...score! But it was super blustery, and the kids started complaining early on. Fortunately, the excitement of what was going to happen quieted them as we got closer to the viewing area. Maybe 'quieted' isn't the right word...perhaps I should say quelled the complaining.

None of these blanket shenanigans were, in any way, quiet. 
I was very grateful for all the open space...this would have been disastrous in a crowd!

It was crazy windy, but there is a playground right there which did a great job staving off the boredom and discomfort of waiting for the show to begin.

So windy, she had to hold her hood on.

We had a good hour to fill...lots of sliding and swinging... 

Mommy...I just peed. My whole pants.
(That means she emptied her bladder until her whole pants were wet)

I must say that her timing was impeccable. We had just enough time to clean her up and change her clothes before the fireworks really got going. 

One happy Third-of-July Girl!

Okay...so everyone knows what fireworks look like...but I promised Big G that I would put his photos in a post. I was most impressed by how well he has perfected the 'Finger Shot'...

These ones came out a bit better...I especially love the blurry one :)

He liked these ones because the first one resembles some sort of mystical something and the other two look like electrocuting jellyfishes...

We all agreed that it was a blast (ha ha ha) and can't wait to go again next year. If you are ever in the SF Bay Area on July 3rd and want to see a kick-ass and enjoyable (not a total zoo like most) fireworks display, definitely head over to the Richmond Marina.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Independence Day :)


  1. The fireworks here are set up the same way, except we watch from an island. Matt's office is out there, so we always have somewhere to park and then hang out having a cup of tea until the traffic dies down. :) Glad you had a fun holiday!

  2. Wow, those are really pretty! So Miss C wasn't scared?

  3. Happy 3rd of July! What a great idea - I totally dislike the waiting around for fireworks shows, so it would be great to be in a park and have some entertainment for the restless kids. Looks fun.

    I like the blurry pic too.

  4. His finger....hilarious. I also love the blurry picture...and the rolling around in blankets. Wish I was there, and I would have been if I wasn't sick and couch-ridden!

  5. Sounds like a great time. Loved the pictures with the finger in them. Was it an I phone? I take a lot of pictures with my finger in it now that I have one.

    Loved the blurry pic. Reminded me of Christmas tree lights and confection, marshmallow cake :-).

  6. The old "I peed my pants" trick.....gets us every time! ;)

  7. Great post...great time! There is something magical about fireworks that touch as still as adults! nice photograpy big G...finger and all ;)

  8. Richmond has fireworks on the night BEFORE everyone has a day off work! This is GENIUS! (Plus, us hardcore fireworks fans can therefore get TWO days of fireworks.) Assuming I'm not off gallivanting around the world next July, I'm in for Richmond fireworks!!


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