06 February 2013

An update of sorts

Not a whole lot of time for this, unfortunately, but here are some random updates on what is happening Chez XL...

1.  We are having crawly critter issues...

This is misleading. The spider is as big as my thumb! 
G came running downstairs the other night...
I, being the adventurous, unafraid mom that I am, captured it live
and released it to the wild into our front yard.

And then there's this...
we wake up more often than not (or so it seems) to this...

Do you see the ants? I found this photo on my phone. I didn't take it.
I was too busy KILLING THEM.
It was like D-Day all over again.
The ants were like the Allies...they kept sending troops into battle. Relentless, onward they came.
In unheard of numbers. More and more and more strode into the slaughter.
The vacuum cleaner and I heartlessly and methodically decimated their ranks.
Unapologetically committing insecticide...
Yet knowing that, though we might win this battle, 
those little bastards would probably win the war.

2. We've had familial sickness...

No pictures of this. Over the weekend, both my husband and I got some weird zombie-like sickness. No body aches or fever or throwing up, just these headaches and disorientation and inability to function like normal people. On one occasion, my husband was lurching down the hall and I was stumbling around in the kitchen making lunch for the kids and I started laughing so hard. I was seriously like we were two zombies trying to raise a houseful of human children. Guess you had to be there :P

3. I finally got my hip x-rayed.

No results yet. I just had it done yesterday. I'd been dragging my feet on that for about 9 years. Ummmm...yeah.... First it was because a week after the doc wrote the requisition, I found out I was pregnant. Hip x-ray while pregnant, no es bueno. When I was ready to get the x-ray after that baby was born...BOOM... pregnant again. That happened a couple of times. So then it just seemed like every time I was going to get it the wait was going to be HOURS. Yesterday I had a couple of free hours, so I decided to just suck it up and go. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Whoa. Did I feel kind of stupid. Yeah. You'll be the firsts to know what it says as soon as I know.

That's all I've got for now!

I hope life is treating all of you well and thanks for hanging tough with me while I spend a little less time in BlogWorld.

Be well!


  1. Ew on the creepy crawlies! I guess that's the downside of living in a climate where bugs can exist through the winter...

    Hopefully you find out something useful/helpful with the hip!

    And your zombie sickness story, while I'm sure was no fun to live, was pretty funny as written. Glad you're feeling better!

  2. 1. Dude, those ants. We have the SAME problem, and they are completely random in their invasions. It's annoying. I hate ants.

    2. I also hate spiders, and I would DIE DEAD if that thing was hanging over me.

    3. Good luck with the hip x-rays.

    4. I also had the zombie plague, in January. That was LAME. Hope you're feeling better.

  3. Yes, same here with the ants. They seem to be attracted to the most random of things. I keep all my baked goods in the fridge, all my sugar and flour sealed up tight and the little buggers are STILL THERE. They even enjoy my cat's food bowl. GRRRRRRRRR. Here, it usually means that the rains are returning.

  4. We have the ants too. I HATE them, they make my skin crawl and make me very angry with my house. I could rant on about them for hours. I think it's probably unhealthy.

  5. Zombie plague hit us, too! First me, then husbeast.
    I hate ants. And spiders. Which is why I trained our bull terrier to hunt them. She eats them. Such a good dog. We had giant ants the summer after moving in, but they disappeared after we had a tree taken down that had been hanging over the front of the house.
    Good luck with the hip!

  6. NINE YEARS? Ha, that's the best procrastinator story I ever heard! Hope you get a firm diagnosis soon.

  7. I like how you freed the spider and vacuumed the ants. Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. Oh wow. For some reasons spiders do not bother me too badly in real life but seeing that picture of yours creeped me out!

    I kinda love you for procrastinating for nine years. Here's hoping you get some productive information about your hip.

  9. Hey you. You are right, I have not been keeping up with my blog reading, so I thought I would stop by. I do hope you get some sort of answer from your xray. I would love to see you running again soon!

  10. Hope everyone feels better soon and you get rid of those ants. My sister can smell them....LOL.

    I have been stalling on a few things myself...one of them being getting a visit in to the new doctor so I can start getting some appts that are due out of the way. I did apply for three jobs yesterday, one of which I really want, so keep your fingers crossed.

  11. I always smile when people post about creepy crawlies. Living in Africa makes that part of my daily life. We have them all every single day. And some are really really huge! But I release them all into the garden. Currently my garden can go as "the wild". It's a jungle out there... Hope the x-ray shoes nothing serious.

  12. Ants are a nuisance invasive species. I say kill 'em all! (But I might have let the spider go, too. He's a local.) ;-)

    As for ridding yourself of the ants... If you prefer a non-toxic approach, I've had some success with dish soap. Ants follow scent trails. Get rid of the scent trail. Get rid of the ants.

  13. Okay -- so now I'm up to date. I'm so glad you got your hip x-ray. Hopefully there will be a diagnosis and a solution to get you back at it.

  14. Eeeek! Hope everyone is feeling better. Aren't creepy crawlies the worst? We had the ant thing happen all the time last summer. It was crazy!

  15. I love the extended D-Day metaphor. I do hope you win that war.....

    Will be interested to hear about the x-ray, and I'm glad you and the husband are feeling better. All the illnesses around here have been the standard stomach and upper respiratory stuff.

  16. procrastinator much?
    hope the xray results will bring some answers for you

    ants...yikes...we had that here twice...nasty stuff...
    we had to throw away food that made me mad

    hope you are well my friend.

  17. i die at the bugs. seriously. I HATE THEM. i am not one with nature. i hope you called an exterminator.


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