19 September 2011

Boring vs. NOT boring...

Running 10.5 miles worth of 0.75-mile loops in the dark is boring. 
That's 14 laps. 
In the dark. 
I now know the sequencing of all the neighborhood sprinkler systems. 
And I know where the skunk lives.
10.5 miles in 1 hour 44 minutes... the middle 7.5 miles were at 9:20 pace. It was harder than I had hoped it would be. But I did it. And finished at 10:26 p.m.

Monopoly is NOT boring... especially when you're winning.

These guys were in cahoots trying to outfox me...which was totally unfair because I seriously spent 12 of my first 15 turns landing on Chance and Community Chest. They, conversely, landed on properties and bought everything. As I was biding my time, waiting for my ship to come in... waiting for that Big Roll...

Big G took control of the game, and Daddy knew his rolls were numbered.
When he couldn't pay a rent, he offered Big G a trade...
Yep, you see that correctly...
Daddy gave Big G Boardwalk in exchange for Mediterranean!
Look how happy he is!
He has a monopoly now!
And a smokin' wad o' cash...
just look at all those fives and ones ;-)
Big G felt like the cat's meow...
Boardwalk and Park Place, the reds, the utilities and...
Look at all that $$$$$$!!!!!
 He had so much he was throwing it around!

A few lucky rolls, and I had been able to amass my own little empire.

Once I started ringing the board with hotels...


With daddy out, it was up to Big G and me to finish the game. Has anyone ever actually finished a game of Monopoly in one sitting? Well, we did it...undeterred by Miss C's board-clearing skills even. She was super interested in all things Monopoly, from the little houses and hotels, to the neat-o tokens you move around the board, to the dice... not so much the money, interestingly. 

Big G hung in there until the bitter end. Offering trades when he was cash-poor, selling, mortgaging, doing all he could to stay in the game. I was blown away. I have never seen him work like this. Historically, he has gotten pissy and had a fit when things have not gone his way... there was none of that. I tell ya, it was definitely a proud mom moment. 

Was your Sunday boring or not boring? Did you play Monopoly? When you do, are you cutthroat? Did you exercise? If you did, what did you do?

How's the weather over there?


  1. That run did sound a little boring, 14 laps of repetitiveness, but good job kicking butt at Monopoly! I haven't played that in years, used to love that game!

  2. I will only play Monopoly with you if I can be the dog.

    My Sunday was awesome. Early morning bike ride with my hubby, donuts, coffee, paper, chili, shopping with my little girl. Then I topped it all off with an episode of 20/20. Or TweTEE TwenTEE as B. Walters would say.

    Nice 10.5 miles and way to work on your mental fortitude!

  3. I'm impressed! My brother still throws tantrums over monopoly when it doesn't go his way and he's 22!

  4. My husband is the cut throught one, even in Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders!!! We had a quiet weekend but nice, had breakfast with my father-in-law, went to the library and took a walk at the beach! They do go way too fast though!!

  5. how do you do a 10 miles run like that? wow...mental strenght....I admire you for doing it and at that time! you are better than me

    Monopoly is my favorite game. I love it. We have 3 kinds here. I play to win. My 5 years old is the meanest player. He plays since he is 4. I also love Pay Day. we dont see that game in the stores much.

    Yes training of course...10 miles yesterday..it was ok then my stomach refused to let me eat. ALL DAY/
    booooo hooooo

  6. Oh, this is so familiar. When I run my my neighborhood way before anybody wakes up, I notice the same things. I play tag with sprinklers, chase deer (they win), make skunk detours. It is either that or die of boredom.
    I haven't played Monopoly in ages. What is wrong with me?

  7. I loved that your boy tried to whoop you. That's how we do!

    I have not been exercising. Okay, we do careen around the yard chasing each other. So that counts, right? Please tell me that counts!

  8. Mental toughness; you're building mental toughness! We've actually been playing a bunch of monopoly around here lately. The kids are digging it. Husband is kicking all of our arses.

    Let's see, I swam with a pull buoy and then oh yes, swam again with a pull buoy. I think I have your run boredom beat!

  9. Oh wow, before I read the end of your post, I was just thinking I've never actually FINISHED a game of Monopoly!! And that's a LOT of laps, but good job sticking it out :)

  10. Awesome run!!
    I hate Monopoly. HATE it. Like my husband knows how much I love him because I have played it with him a few times because he loves it. The kids know not to ask me to play it with them. And it always always lasts for-freaking-ever. I would rather run your 14 laps than play Monopoly! :P Apparently I am in the minority here.

  11. Had a great Sunday with the hubs and Cooper! Do you peek in your neighbor's windows and sequence that "action" during your loops?! he he!

  12. I am only telling this to you, my friend, and not to the entire cyber world...
    Shhhhhh.....When I play monopoly with my kids I actually slip money back to the bank when they aren't looking so that I run out of money and have to end the game...shhhhhhhhh.....

  13. I don't think I've ever finished a game...my bro would always be the banker and cheat and all hell would break loose.

  14. Wow, love that you ran 10 miles, in the dark and finished at 10:26pm. What were you thinking??? I mean, GREAT JOB!!!! :)

  15. Spent the morning recovering from Disneyland, then ran 14 miles, then spent the rest of the afternoon recovering from the run.

    I have to agree with SUAR, running that same loop over and over must take some serious Jedi Mind Tricks. I could never do it.

    Which brings me to Monopoly. I am an unbeatable for about 90 minutes and then I suddenly lose interest and give all my sh*t away so I can go watch TV or something.

  16. You know what's more boring than 14 laps in your neighborhood in the dark? Last winter I worked out inside a church gym where 17 laps around a track = 1 mile. I was going for between 8-10 miles those days...we're talking over one HUNDRED 14 laps....yeah, probably never again. Somehow i felt that was still better than using a treadmill, but i think i'd rather go out and run in some snow or smthng this winter...

  17. I hate it when I have to circle the neighborhood to get my run in, but I do it when I am alone and it's dark out...Good for you getting it done!

    I don't think I've ever played an entire game of Monopoly - impressive!

  18. Haha, the post made me laugh!! I think you're the first blog I've ever read that had pics of monopoly being played!

    Nice job on the 10.5, you are going to do great in your 1/2....no more stressing about it, ok? :)

  19. 14 laps?! Holy crap, I would rather stub my toe in the dark.

    I never win Monopoly. Ever. Hmph.

  20. Never finished a game because it ended up being 'banned' at our house. My mom and I would play and I would start losing and cry (what was wrong with me) so we didn't play much after that. But Sorry! now that game is awesome :) 14 laps?? I would have fallen asleep on my feet!

  21. I cannot think of monopoly without recalling the many games growing up with my siblings. I don't think I ever won a game in my life, but looking back, the strategies of youth certainly relate to our adult personalities!!!

  22. The reason that Monoploy was not boring was because you were enjoying watching your youngin play the game

  23. What a fun idea to photograph a Monoploy game!
    We enjoyed les journées européenes du patrimoine in Paris with a bit of sunshine and a bit of rain. LOTS of tourists!!!

  24. Oh my ... and I think looping my 1 mile neighborhood 5 times in the morning is boring. I need to drive a few minutes to get to a trail to go for a long run. Good for you getting it done.

  25. Monopoly at our house is reserved for New Year's Eve. Back in the 1950's my folks went to a nearby party, leaving my two (then young) brothers unattended and asleep. At midnight when the fireworks went off, they woke up thinking the Koreans had landed... ever since then, we've played Monopoly and other board games on New Year's.
    Last Sunday? I played with my granddaughter, worked on my mandala pendants, and did some Admin work on our blog. It was a ood day.


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