20 September 2011

Moving Comfort Juno Bra Review and Demonstration...because seeing is believing!

Did you know that the sports bra is just a little over 30 years old? I am old enough to remember this... as in, I was old enough to need one when they were invented. I found this great article about the history of the sports bra... I especially liked it because they use the expression shooting for the moon :)

Back in the olden days, I hated running. Hated. I think my newly-sprouted D's were part of the problem. And as that article says, the newly-invented Jogbra wasn't doing the trick for more voluptuous women... or adolescents. By the time I was a freshman in college, Lily of France had a great sports bra on the market... but I still needed to double up to get it to work. Thus began what I thought would be a life-long necessity... double-bra-ing for runs.

I have always been protective of my breasts. Adequate support is imperative if you don't want to end up looking like those scary boobscarves as seen in my first Running Bra Report. I thought I had found the perfect bra combo... those two different granny bras pictured in that same report. They served me well in the past but were getting tired and needed to be replaced.

Over the summer I purchased my new bra. It came with the saleswoman's reassurance and insistence that I would only need ONE. People always say that... but they don't really know what it's like.

I scoffed...even though she looked like she might know.

She was right.

The Juno bra by Moving Comfort is IT.

I am so excited to show you THE bra...

if you are tired of seeing and hearing perfect fitness models and small-breasted women touting what they are calling 'the best' sports bras (nothing against these ladies but they have different needs),
if you are looking for a substantial yet comfortable and attractive sports bra,
if you want a sports bra that isn't scary-looking but WORKS for C, D and DD all by its lonesome...

Inside-out, you can see the seamless, chafe-resistant construction. 
It has molded cups to prevent uniboob.
The chest band is soft for comfort, wide and minimally stretchy for stability.

Close-up of the waffle-y wicking fabric that lines the cups...
super comfy!

The straps are NOT STRETCHY! 
Awesome bonus for us more busty women because...
stretchy straps = bouncing boobs
But they are adjustable because they pass through loops
and then velcro where you need them!

I found that I get the best control when I tighten these up as far as they will go. This velcro feature would also be pretty fantastic if you are a nursing mom who works out. I remember the contortions I went through trying to get my babe to the boob when it was trapped beneath two old-school sports bras :P

It is not scary to look at! It looks like a normal sports bra!
And it comes in a bunch of colors...they even have bigger sizes in pretty colors :)

I can talk and write all I want about this thing... but we all know

seeing is believing.

So, to that end, here is the Juno in action...

yeah, yeah... shot kind of close... that's so you can't see my lack of core work :P

Isn't it true? Look through the pictures of sportsbras... how many of us are fitness models? Ummmm... maybe just Sandra. We want to know how these things are going to work on our 'normal' everyday bodies. Are my D's or her DD's really going to be adequately contained?

With the awesome Juno, the answer is...


Double-bra wearers of the workout world unite! 
You have nothing to lose but that stupid extra bra! 
You have a race to win!


Note: these do run true to size in my personal experience...if you know your real bra size and aren't just guessing or going by habit. I was lucky enough to try my first one on at a Title Nine store.

** I bought my first Juno bra and was so in love with it that I bought two more so that I would have one for each leg of my Hood to Coast experience (I know you were wondering how I'd work that in). I then received one as a gift from Moving Comfort as a member of Nuun Platuun! How stoked was I to get my most very favoritest piece of running equipment as a gift? SO stoked! This review is solely based on my personal experience with the Juno bra and other sports bras, and I have not been compensated for it in any way.

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  1. Ow ow nudie mama!!

    I love love love this bra. I loved it when I was a B-cup, I loved it when I was a DD and nursing, and I love it at a B-cup again. Great review... the proof is in the jumping. :)

  2. Awesome is right! Look at you NOT bouncing! I was watching my girls in the mirror this morning at our morning jump rope at bootcamp and would have been mortified at their bounce if I wasn't concentrating so hard on not peeing my pants. I really need to do some kegels. I thought making us moms jump rope was just RUDE!

  3. Ha ha...my boobs would drown in that thing. Seriously it would be so funny to see. YOu should send me that so that I can do the same video and compare. ha ha.

  4. I love the moving comfort bras! I too as a double bra wearer until I switched in to the moving comfort bra. Love love love it! And so jealous you got one for free! :)

  5. only YOU could make a post like this!
    you are too much! in a good way!!!
    MC are my favorite bras. before loosing my boobs...I had a MAYA..it has a wire...not the best..it hurts a bit...now that I have no more boobs and just skin...sorry TMI...I wear the fiona. The Juno...I cannot do the hooks in the back like you do so that is too much work for me!

  6. First of all, you are SO BRAVE to post a video of you putting on a sports bra!! My new hero!! I just recently tried a Juno bra... can't say it fit me perfect, I felt really "buckled in", the girls didn't move, but like I said it just felt wierd on me... oh,well, I keep trying new ones... sooner or later, I'll find the one right for me!

  7. YOU ROCK!!! And you don't move! That is hilarious! Great idea to show the inside--it is soooooo comfy!!! I am a Juno girl forever now!

  8. Love hearing your voice! So happy for you and your new found freedom! Go MOVING COMFORT!!

  9. Totally impressed! My little handfuls are jealous, that bra would be overkill for them, but Moving Comfort should send you another one for that amazing demonstration.

    Way to show some skin!

  10. I have this bra and I love it! However, my boobs are pretty saggy (sorry, TMI), so I still have to double-bag when I run.

  11. My little A cups don't need a very technical bra, but I was pretty impressed with your demo video. They.did.not.move!

  12. I (heart) Moving Comfort! Their Alexis bra was the first I ever found that was comfortable, didn't give me uni-boob, AND eliminated the bouncing completely. I could scarcely believe it the first time I tried one on! I've heard good things about the Juno from several other folks as well.

    And, I love the Sports Bra History article. Fascinating.

  13. It takes a special sort of woman to video tape herself proving her new sports bra to be bounce-worthy. Bravo!

    (PS. I don't get any sound on the video? And no computer sound is not turned down. Huh?)

  14. I just got a Juno a couple weeks ago and I am IN LOVE. I am a C and it keeps those suckers locked and loaded.

    I wore it for my marathon and had no chafing either! Bonus!

  15. I guess this is good. Beyond that no comment, except I didn't watch the videos.

    Actually I do have a comment. Would it kill you to keep the blog unisex? I would never compare and contrast the best compression shorts to keep my junk sorted like the Under Armour Dynamax CFM-15 Plus (Available at Sports Chalet, $24.99), but I would definitely go universal appeal like chamois creams.

    Realizing my previous mistakes, the Metrosexual Triathlete has been fired from the editorial staff of EAP.

  16. Wow, I love you for doing this. :) I do admit, this bra is GREAT & I love that I can just wear one now. ;)

  17. You are a nut! Tell me again why I took a hiatus?

  18. I wasn't sure what to think with your quasi-nudity, but this was great information. I was not "blessed" in this way - I have to be about 80 lbs overweight to bust a B-cup and unfortunately I've lost 25-30 lbs and feel like most of it has been in my boobs -ugh. But I do really need a good sports bra and was coicidentally looking all around the Title Nine web site yesterday! Moving comfort had two styles that looked perfect for me. Good to know that they make excellent bras for all sizes! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Ha, i actually did read all and watched the video. I'm smiling and that is great! Thanks for the kind words on my blog, I am going for counselling after my ordeal.

  20. I have the physique of a 12 year old boy, right down to the cup size ... nill. But, I enjoyed reading your post to see how the other half lives.

  21. oh my word, you are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the jumping! ha ha ha...and you are right...they didn't move at all!! well if God ever decides to magically bless me with some breasts or I have the money to buy some I will try that bra out!;)

  22. Hahaha. I wonder how many hits you got on this one!
    Love you, M!

  23. I LOVE this! I read it the day you posted it but couldn't watch the video then. Well done. :) I have the exact same bra in a pink color, and I love it...especially because of the racer back. And in addition to the lack of bounce, I love the fact that the straps don't carve gashes in my shoulders.

  24. Oh my word you are so funny!
    And how are you such a skinny minnie but you have boobs?! I'm jealous. The girls are gone once I wean. dang.
    Fabulous jumping. :P

  25. Hahahahahahaaaaa! Hilarious. I canNOT hook my bra in the back. I mean, I can, but eventually, so I'm EXTRA impressed.

  26. HAHA this is great. I found your blog through Alexis @ TroublesomeTots. This post is great! I'm a C, so I think I need to find me one of these... I have one from UnderArmor that I really like too, that crosses in the back and zips in the front. Easy, no chafing, and it works, too! Great, funny post!

  27. I puffy heart Moving Comfort. I wear a different model, but love it just as much :)

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  30. What a babe! Beautiful in so many ways. God, I love techology.

  31. MY wife'm a D and the best front zip sports bra for me is Moving Comfort Maia. You can get them for a great price at Amazon. It really keeps "the girls" in place, even during a marathon.

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