22 September 2011

Toes, Underpants, and a PR

I don't know why I feel a need to share these things... but I do. Really... a need. They are inconsequential... like most of my blog. But the compulsion to dump it here... well, it is a compulsion and there's no stopping it.

This evening's ramblings... some people call this sort of deal "Three Things Thursday", but I don't really care for alliteration... anyway, this evenings ramblings are just that... ramblings. And of no real importance whatsoever.

Numero Uno

It's a first for me...

I'm going to lose it, aren't I? Will it hurt? Can you believe I'm a toenail-falling-off virgin?

Numero Dos

I am not a potty-training virgin, but this fourth time around is just ... I don't know... I guess I'm just not into it. My middle two kids were done with diapers before they turned two. Miss C is now 2 and a half. We have potties. We have a seat adapter. We have the undies. We casually talk about peeing and pooping in the little potty or the big toilet. She even tells me when she goes whatever in her diaper. We make mention of wearing the undies.

But she finds them to be infinitely more entertaining than wearable.

Numero Tres

Last night I ran a 5K "return-to-running" PR.

The workout was supposed to be 2 X 2 miles @ 8:30ish pace with a quarter-mile rest-jog in between. I started late (as usual). I just wasn't into it. As I was doing my warm up, I was complaining in my mind...

"stupid night running"
"darn kids... why won't they just go the *bleep* to bed?"
"i am sooooo tired"
"i think my hip hurts"
"i'm hungry... i don't think i've eaten enough today... maybe i should just go in"
"i wish we had real t.v."

I finished my 1.5-mile warm-up trot and stretched a bit. I toed the line at my mailbox and set off.

When my first lap was 10 seconds "too fast", and I just didn't feel like trying to slow down, I realized that if I held the pace, I could 5K PR. So I made a deal with myself... if I did it, I would be done for the night.

I could give you the blow-by-blow, but does anyone really care? It was dark. No skunks. Negative splits :) except that I was totally sucking it in the last 0.1 mile... no sprint for me... I was lucky to make it out alive!

Time:  25:20  (8:10 pace)

Three and a half minutes faster than my first 5K back in November.

Nearly a minute faster than my 5K 6 months ago in March.

Of course, I immediately plugged it into the McMillan Running Calculator.  *dork*

Looking at that Long Beach Half Marathon...

...and wondering how long it's going to take for me to really and for real run a new 5K PR... not just a "return-to-running" one.

Getting ready to shoot the moon :)

Have you ever lost a toenail? Did it hurt?


  1. Loose them all the time. They don't hurt per say, but sometimes mine get really thick and stay that way for a really long time. Filing them is quite the pain. Gross. I can't believe I just confessed!

    Congrats on your 5k PR!

  2. like your ramblings -
    I am a tonenail losing virgin too! You'll have to let me know what it's like when the big event happens.

    Congrats on your 5k PR! Awesome. You are going to do great in the half!

  3. Yay PRs! None of my lost toenails have ever hurt -- at most, they just start to feel really bizarre as they come lose from the cuticle (kind of like losing a tooth, I guess). And it's really weird as they start to grow back. But no pain.

  4. Never lost a toenail, hope I never will but then I am thinking that maybe one is not a true runner until at least one toenail goes... you know, the right of passage.

    Congrats on your PR!

  5. Never lost a toenail but those look like they are going bye bye!!! Congrats on your PR!!! I think there should be a support group for potty training! My Em is 2.5 also and love wearing undies but talks about how sad Dora on her undies is because she just peed all over her!

  6. Nothing feels better than getting faster. Nice work.

    Never lost a toenail and hope not to!

  7. Woo hoo! That's a speedy 5K...and all alone...just think, you'll probably be even faster in a race. :)

    Seeing how gross my toenails look currently is infinitely more painful than losing them. I wish a couple would hurry up and go, but this has been a long process.

  8. Nice run! I am sure you felt a little less frustrated after? :) Don't worry my daughter is around 2 and half also...and not potty trained. Some are just slower I guess, I am kind of letting her set the pace.

  9. Doesn't it feel good? You've got this!

    You know, my left pinky toenail turns black all the time (after the marathon AND after HTC), but never falls off. I think it just grows out and gets cut little by little.

  10. Yay! Glad you're out there having those conversations with yourself, makes me feel like I'm not alone! In stage 5 of "Run Your Butt Off" written by the staff at Runner's World. I'll be thinking of you running while I'm out running!

    I have lost toenails before but stopped losing them after changing from Nike's Shoes. I'm a Brooks girl now. I had no pain during or after. I would be surprised if yours don't fall off.

    Keep it up and keep truggin' Thanks for the inspire!

  11. Awesome run, you rock!! I lost my 1st toenail in May - thankful the new toenail already started growing back so it was painless and like new :) I totally lucked out!

  12. I've lost a toenail... The running/pressure that made it black in the first place was uncomfortable, but the toenail loss itself never hurt.

    It was weird even considering a pedicure until it grew back in... I painted my own toes for months (money saved, I guess)!

  13. I like you. But I won't run with you. You is too fast even when you think you aren't.
    As for the potty training, my fourth was almost 3, and I did nothing. He came to me and said, I want to wear underwear now. And I was like, Here ya go. Don't poop in them.

  14. That's a great PR considering when i first started reading I think you were at more like 28:00 and that was what, in the Spring?

    I've never lost a toenail either.

  15. Congratulations on your new PR! You're FAST!

  16. Thankfully, I have no experience in the toe nail arena, but it doesn't look pretty.

    Ample experience in the potty areana though ... some kids just get it later. There's never been any magic in this house, they just "a ha" and get it one morning. Maybe a friend who is new to undies could get her interested?

    Nice PR. Very nice!

  17. I have lost a couple toenails. It doesn't hurt. Just don't rush it! It takes several weeks for the nail underneath to grow. The old one just gets hard and eventually falls off. The only pain I ever felt was when half was ready but the other half wasn't, but it was really no big deal.

    I don't have the same experience as you with kids--only two kids here. However, my advice is DON'T RUSH IT. Potty training is different for each kid. Honestly, my son was a piece of cake and he didn't shed the diapers until a week after his third birthday. There were no tears, hardly any accidents and other than relatives making comments about how he was too old to be in diapers, it was a relatively painless process. My daughter was not even two when she wanted panties. She had more accidents than I ever care to count. If I were to do it again, I would have waited until she was really ready.

    And congrats on your PR!! I think you will do AWESOME in Long Beach!

  18. I got the black nails a couple of times..nail did not leave me though...

  19. Black toe nails are a badge of honor, chica....gotta love them! I just paint the stubs, I can't stand to LOOK at the blackness, but I like that I lose them :). Except the big one, that's harder to paint.

    Hoping child #4 gets that potty thing down soon....I remember being much more laid-back with the twins, just didn't have the energy! She'll get it when she's ready....I mean, they won't let her graduate from college and NOT be potty trained, right? :)

    Excellent job on the 5k, very happy for you!!!

  20. YOU ARE SO FAST! And no, losing toenails (at least for me) is more relieving than painful.

  21. Congratulations on the PR!! And running that alone at night probably means you have an even faster 5K in you! :)

    I never used to lose toenails until I ran a particularly hilly marathon last October - and it's never been the same since. Now it sort of grows back, then I do something to bother it (like run a marathon) and it gets lose and threatens to fall off again. Us runners really do have the most beautiful feet, huh?? ;)

  22. Hey girl, trying to catch up in blog land. I'll never catch up but so glad I saw this one! Congrats on your 5k PR! This is awesome. You must feel awesome!! I lose toenails all the freaking time.


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