21 September 2011

Now that everyone's seen it...

In case you've been asleep or offline for the past 24 hours... or don't follow the blogs of any other Team Nuun Hood to Coasters (you can find them all in my sidebar)... you may be seeing this news for the first time....

the official Nuun 2011 Hood to Coast Relay with blogging badass babes is available for viewing!!!!

Click HERE to go see it... it's on the Nuun blog.

I am in it.

Sadly, Nuun Platuun's finish is not in it :(

I think Megan must have a nicer butt than I do, and I think the sparkly skirts made for a flashier team-crossing-the-finish-line shot. Must've been the camouflage... we were just too stealth to be captured on film :P

No matter... we were there. And we did it in less than 28 hours :)

This video brings up tons of feelings... all over the map. I know all my fellow Platuuners are right there with me on this :)

Can we have another huggle?


Click here to see a cute picture of Miss C that reminds me of how I often feel...

Click here to see my video of how awesomely my Moving Comfort Juno bra controls bouncing!

Click here to see the action of an exciting Monopoly game underway.... oooo... drama... intrigue....

And here is where you should click to learn how to make Nuun cocktails :)


  1. Wait, what? There's a hood to coast video? I had no idea. Wait, did YOU run Hood to Coast? Again, clueless....I kid...I kid.

    I love the video. You must have been so stealth at the end they missed your big finish.

  2. HUGGLE!!!!!

    I think we just missed the other "nuun platuun" video?

  3. Awe, that's no fair you weren't there crossing the finish!! I would demand a rematch - effective immediately! :)

  4. I enjoyed the nuun video .... looks like a blast.

  5. When does your exclusive deal with Nuun/HTC end? You need to start hyping the awesomeness that is Ragnar SoCal.

  6. this video has 2 problems. major ones.

    1. your finish is missing and I know the camera guy was there cuz I saw it on a picture or a video on one of the zillion posts I read about HTC. So boooo hooo hooo.

    2. it is toooooo short! 4 min! really?

    do you have a hotel room yet?
    you better.


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