23 September 2011

I wish I had a cox...

Days like today, I wish I had a coxswain... the little person who sits in the stern of a boat and tells you what you need to do to make it all work. I was a really good coxswain...

That's me in the dark blue. Look at how hard I am making those guys work. We won that race. I wish I had me telling me what to do.



I do.

Vecchio Venerdì 
Head of the Schyulkill in 1990 or 1991... I can't remember.


A huge favor... I know I ask a lot of these... but this one would be so awesome if you would do it :)

My friend Catey who writes Random Thoughts from the Zoo is a swimwear contest finalist! Please go to the Hapari Swimwear Facebook page and "LIKE" Catey's photos... she is in the zebra top in one photo and a white short-sleeved t-shirt in the other.

Thanks :)


  1. I liked her! You are such a fine COX handler.

  2. I once had a cox. But he did not sit in the front of a boat. oh never mind. Menage a cox!

  3. Yes, a cox and a swagina go quite nice together.

    You're such a good friend! Always pluggin' for others:)

  4. done and done! :) And done. And damn she looks good in that zebra top! :)

  5. Coxswain makes the heart grow fonder... "you're not the boss of me! I am the boss of me!" Love the idea. (and your friend is a vote-worthy hottie!)

  6. I guess I'm behind. I always thought you had a cox. Oh, wait... I messed up. I always thought you had BALLS. Duh, Jen.


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