20 March 2012

My Monday Rocked! (mostly because I didn't run out of gas again...and I worked out twice...sort of))

The strangest thing happened today. I got to actually utilize the proximity of the gym to my kids' school. Pretty schweeeet, eh?

Once free of the kidlets, I scurried over to my new party palace and ran a single 10-minute mile on the blurry treadmill. Good Lord! How do people stay on that thing for any length of time? I guess, like anything else, you can acquire a taste for it...or maybe you have no choice. It's not that I didn't like it, it was more of a focus issue. I kept spacing out. Oh, and singing out loud. Sorry, Mr. Treadmill-neighbor. And where the heck am I supposed to spit? I am a big-time spitter when I run. And I'm really good at it, too. I don't think Berkeley Ironworks would appreciate a set of my expectorations anywhere on their premises no matter how awesomely expectorated they were. Before choking on my own unspit-out spit, I jumped off the road-to-nowhere and moved on to backward ellipticalling followed by some foam rolling, the birthing machine, and the super fun, arm-burning hangboards...my new favorites :)

Then I was done.

Except there's still this little race thing happening next weekend that I would really prefer to survive. With that in mind, I headed over to climb Honey Badger Hill again. No rain today, but she was still badass...

So you know how pictures never really show how effin' rough a hill is?
This set of photos almost succeeds.

This is looking up from about halfway.

Here I have about a quarter of the way to go.

And this is looking down from that same 'quarter of the way from the top' spot...
It's probably naïve for me to think that the super-charged power lines will somehow
juice me a little...but I pretend anyway.

Taken about a quarter of the way from the bottom of the hill, 
you can see the street curves down and then continues straight from the center of the picture...
and there's the Golden Gate Bridge :)

Since they occurred in different locations, I'm calling this a double workout. Oooooooo... It's been a long time. I'm ignoring the fact that each workout was little more than 30 minutes in duration.

Riddle of the Day

What can you (fortunately) get with:
9 quarters
11 dimes
6 nickels
70 pennies

A whole, entire 
(and a pissed off gas station attendant)

'Cuz the last thing I needed was a third incident this month!


  1. hahaha! picturing the look on the attendant's face...

    That is the "holy crap!"iest hill I have ever seen!

  2. WOW, those pics do show that CRAZY steep hill pretty good! Nice run!

  3. That hill is scary!! Glad you had enough change to get gas and didn't run out again. I am notorious for nearly running out of gas, it's terrible really!

  4. I must say you did in fact capture the hill in all it's steepness quite properly. Especially the last 2 shots. Nah, scratch that - all of them.

  5. I love that hill. I think that running hills is the best thing for you! Nice job!

  6. That hill is a BEAST! But what a beautiful view from the top!

  7. I cant do the treadmill at ALL! I am right with you, how do people do it! Wowza what a hill but it sure is a beautiful view!

  8. Uh, yeah, that got the point across on that hill. What a mother!

    And I'm with you--I do NOT dig the treadmill.

  9. I ran one mile last night on the treadmill myself with 10min as the goal. I made it to 9:48 but wanted to spit too. I was at home and could have spit but that would just be gross. Next time I run on the treadmill I need a towel or cup close by. Your hill is CRAZY!!! Good Luck with your race.

  10. hahahaha!!!!I love it!!! the gas attendant must've been talking about you later that day ;)

    and that hill was GINORMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yowza!

    and I hate the tready....I hate it.

  11. The hill didn't look so hilly on the way up, but those looking down shots? Holy Moly!

  12. now THAT is a HILL....intimidating
    you captured it
    I believe you.

    it would scare me...
    I got one of those at the end of my next half. at the end. now that is not very nice.

  13. Keep rocking that hill Honey Badger! Great pics!

  14. Um, yeah. That hill is badASS. As are you, paying for gas with spare change or not. :)

    I don't hate the TM for speedwork, otherwise it and I have a very sketchy relationship. It wants to trip me, I need additional distraction. We've agreed to disagree.

  15. You rock the gas pump! :)

    You can also rock that hill. We all know you can!

  16. Love the perspective on the hill photos. Very well done.

  17. My legs hurt just when I look at that hill pics.

  18. Yeah, that definitely qualifies badass.

  19. Is it exercise for me if I get a little tired out thinking of you running up that hill?

    1. Did your heart rate rise? Did your breathing quicken? Then YES ;-)

  20. Is it weird that I actually *want* to run that hill?!?!? (Oh, I mean "incline".) There's something wrong with me...


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