13 March 2012

It's Tuesday...why am I not at the zoo?

Doesn't it seem like I'm always at the zoo in the middle of the week? 'Cuz I sure as heck haven't been running :(

Anyway... today it's raining. Pouring, actually. And my kids are finally at school. So...no zoo visit. Instead I'm slamming you with the never-overplayed, always-exciting...

Triple Tangent Tuesday!
woooooo hooooo!!!! can I get a 'sweeeet'?

Here we go...get ready and don't hurt yourself ...this is some EK-sigh-TING stuff here and we don't want heart rates going through the roof making y'all wish you'd gotten one of those First Alert thingies....

  1. Yes. That is a NUMBER ONE. Those delicious-looking cookies yesterday, remember them? Mmmmmmm...like something you've seen in the ol' cat-box? Yeah, those. You can find the recipe on my super awesome and incredibly sophisticated food blog, What's In It? This food blog has about 10 recipes on it...all are fairly idiot-proof. This is evidenced by the fact that I have successfully made every single one and had it come out well. Go check it out.
  2. What comes after ONE? *pause...waiting....did you guess?* TWO!!!! Right! And two is the number of times I ran out of gas over the weekend! Nothing like running out of gas to add a little excitement to your day :)  Toss a couple of kids in the car and being on the freeway near the ghetto off-ramp and you have yourself a full-blown adventure! This happened last March, too. Those little dashboard lights? Yeah...whatever.
  3. The Grand Finale... sort of like on the Fourth of July or at the circus but not quite as flashy or fun... well, crap. I can't think of anything. How totally sad and pathetic is that?
So there ya have it. Nothing deep. Absolutely nothing worth reading here...except maybe the link to the cookie recipe. But it was fun hanging out for the past 45 seconds, right?  

What 'should' we have been doing for the past 45 seconds instead of hanging out chatting about nothing of any consequence whatsoever?
I really 'should' have dragged my sorry butt out the door and gone to climb the walls somewhere other than here...like at the gym.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I almost ran out gas yesterday. I managed to make it to the gas station on fumes alone. It's fun to push those gas light alarms to the max. How far can this thing go after the alarm goes off?

  2. I ran out of gas last summer...really, at our age? Responsible of us!

    Your recipes sound like something I could handle!

  3. I totally thought of you Sunday when we were at the zoo.

    I'm a member of the "push your luck society" when it comes to filling the gas tank. Generally pretty lucky though.

  4. I should have been folding laundry. Meh. :)

  5. Those cookies look amazing! Yum!

    I've only run out of gas once and it was the weirdest feeling!

  6. Well now you know that when the low fuel light goes on, you have about 5-10 less miles left in the tank than you think you do :-).

    You're welcome :-D

  7. Yet I am strangely relieved you didn't run out of gas in a metaphorical sense! :)

  8. Gas...it's a funny word you know. Once verbalized in my house, all the "boys" in the household erupt into the biggest gut-busting giggles that seem to go on for an eternity...and it always pulls me in with them.............so mature we are...

    Wait a minute...which kind of "gas" are we talking about???? The kind that moves you,right???

  9. Not once, but twice you ran out of gas?! Wow, impressive. I should be doing the dishes right now, thanks for the distraction.

  10. that's 45 seconds I wasn't on Pinterest, damnit.

  11. That was the best TTT EVER. I think I'll make those cookies so that when I run I don't run out of gas :-)

  12. oh my goodness twice in one weekend girl! haha and not your first time, goodness! I bet it was a fun adventure and those cookies still look great!


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