04 March 2012

Challenges...and a Virtual Race

Some days are just ... difficult.

After a night and a morning of very intense conversation and several years' worth of emotional back-up spilling over the dam, today I didn't know if I wanted to curl up into a teeny, tiny ball and disappear into my fluffy covers on my comfy bed or go for a run. But since my hip is still too stiff to allow curling up into a teeny, tiny ball meaning I couldn't completely disappear, I opted to hit the trails.

As I headed out, I remembered that today is Jamie's birthday and she is hosting a virtual race! Whew...I almost missed it! I'd been tapering for a little over a week (read: not running or doing anything physical at all) and so was well-rested...or something. This meant I had a lot of energy...or something...which was good because by the time I got to the intended trail, I only had 40 minutes in which to complete my run. Knowing I had decided upon a hillacious route, I was a little intimidated...but a little glad I had left myself no choice but to not slog it too pathetically.

*click the pic to see the 'finish line' :)

I just ran. I didn't take any pictures. I didn't monitor how fast slow I was moving (notice how I don't even use the word "running"? though some observers might've called it that...on the downhill portions). I was feeling very challenged and discouraged...but not in pain...for the most part. So there's that :) We can give that a smiley face. And I did manage to gaspingly hum 'Happy Birthday' for Jamie as I trudged up the hardest part :) Second smiley face.

I ran 3.5 miles instead of 3.4 because I am an over-achiever. It was a big-gigantic hill (click here, then look at the middle 3.5 miles of the elevation profile...that's what I ran...and you can see photos of how pretty it was by clicking here...I ran to the pictured bathroom, used it and then ran down the hill and back to my car, skipping the pavement part from that old post). Fortunately, it wasn't too muddy even though we did have rain on Thursday. It was, however, really hot and sunny. And I was wearing a shirt with sleeves...which I never do. I was uncomfortable. But I had brought water, and I was not in pain... for the most part :)  Smiley face again.

I survived. And I did make it back into the car in a weeeeee bit over 40 minutes and was just a weeeeee bit late picking my daughter up from her harp rehearsal...but no one got mad at me for lack of punctuality.

I figure that if I make all of my runs (however few and short they be) between now and the Oakland Marathon Relay on the 25th really tough in terms of terrain, then I will be ready. I'll be tackling Leg 2 again (miles 6-12.5), and I think I've already mentioned that they went and made it more challenging. I think they did it on purpose because they knew I would be running it again. They probably figured I'm so badass I can handle it...even with minimal training. It's either that or the transition zone was logistically easier in the new location.

Honestly, I've looked at the course map and I know the area...my conclusion?

I'm so badass I can handle it.

It is all about me...right?


  1. It's ALWAYS all about us, right? :)

    I'm glad you weren't in pain (mostly), and I'm glad you got to hit the trails, which are such a great place to run, even when your run is closer to a walking pace (which is pretty much what mine was last Sunday...ugh).

  2. Great job! Thank you for going out and running for me, and humming "Happy Birthday"!

    I can't wait to start trail running.

    1. Oh and don't forget to enter the giveaway, if you want! :)

  3. You are bad-ass! *cue harp background music*

  4. You CAN handle it.
    Great you got out. There is nothing better than being outdoors, running or just huffing and puffing (that's me these days). Proud of you!

  5. Would you believe me if I said I called the Oakland Marathon Relay Committee and happened to mention how Bad-Ass you were? Didn't think so, which is why I emailed them instead and said to make the 2nd leg "wicked hard" so you'd have to take G out with you next time to train for it!

  6. You are amazing! You could have just curled up and stayed on the couch but you didn't! You'll be prepared for the race because you never give up but keep pushing forward!

  7. Wooo! Trails :) They always make me feel a little better, too.

  8. That is the cutest little button toes! I wish I had known about it (I don't follow enough running blogs... fix that for me please?) I ran 4 today but on the tred, after 8.5 yesterday my knees are not happy. BUT like you, I feel badass!

    Also, so easy to curl into a ball. So hard to get on your feet and run in the right direction. Total badass.

  9. Choosing to get out the door was the right choice.
    I've been there. At a rough point in my life I was facing a similar choice: either give in to depression or sign up for a marathon. I suppose you can guess which one I chose.

    Hang in there. Tough times don't last forever (even if it feels like they might).


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