28 March 2012

What happened between the Car-Nads and the expletives... (Mostly Wordless Wednesday)

The 35-minute playground trip that cost $49...

Three distinctly different play structures...

Reminiscing on our vacances à Paris eleven months ago.

This one is like a huge Skwish...

We heard a familiar-yet-out-of-context noise...
X could see over the fence...
...a TURKEY!
see the red wattle and blue face?

Boys playing with big sticks...we know where that's headed.

On the 'old skool' play structure...
the very same one I played on when I was 5 years old in 1968.

Example of crap action photo...
totally missing the air shot...
got the landing, though.

I still need to pay that ticket.


  1. What cool play structures!! Our parks don't have any of that fun stuff!

  2. the "landing" is where it's at.
    Awesome job mom.

    that's one freaking awesome playground.

  3. I like that park. Too bad I can't take my girls there, they would all love it.

  4. Pretty cool structures - my boys would love them!

  5. And she did stick that landing! That skwish looks like fun!

  6. Very cool one of the structures was the same you played on as a kid!

  7. Such amazing photos! Sounds like the kiddies had a wonderful day in the park :) Those are some pretty awesome structures.

  8. The old skool play structure looks kinda dangerous (which one doesn't anymore?) but looks so fun!!!!

  9. Yeah, they made us tougher then. Nothing better than hastily welded rusty steel pipes when you wanted to get your play on back in the day. One of my earliest memories is taking a header off of a shaky slide - the kind that also left a huge black mark on your a** from sliding down it. Anyway, I was fine. I got up and knowing me went up to the biggest kid on the playground and punched him to reaffirm my rightful place on the food-chain.

    These days it's composite materials built over super-padding that was either invented as a result of deep space exploration or was a gift from the secret alien colony in Nevada. And where they really try to get kids is by sneaking in features that actually makes you learn stuff - like the numbered blocks on an axle that if lined up correctly sum basic addition. Total Bullsh*t.

  10. I totally remember play structures like that, haven't seen one in forever though :)

  11. I miss those old playstructures...now they are all rubbery and plasticy and foamy and SAFE...go figure! How are we suppose to toughen these kids up???

    Tickets bite...at any level of cost...especially when you "weren't" trying to get away with anything! beautiful kids you have!


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