03 March 2012

I wanna go to the playground...

...the one with the swings...

...and some slides...

...and climb-y things for you to climb on...

...and boing-y things...

...and sand...

But what mommy wants to know is...

Why in the heck do they put these stupid things in the play structures under the guise of 'musical instrument'?

The cacophony emanating from these when banged on is atrocious.
And there is always some kid who loves to bang on them.


  1. For those who do not find the joyous scream of numerous children to be soothing enough on a beautiful sunny day!

  2. so cute :) I love kids at the park and thank goodness we don't have those "musical" structures in ours ;) lol

    1. PS: I saw your comment on 2slow4boston - did your hip pain start in the groin/flexor area too??? and if so what was the diagnosis??? :) I'm getting SO SICK of no answers - during today's core workout tears were rolling down my face as I tried to keep going. sigh.

  3. Thank you so much for the goodies from the Jingle Bell Hell run! I got the package today and it was really exciting because I couldn't figure out what it was. :D Another cool thing? I was in a running store earlier and saw the Honey Stinger Waffle and thought about getting them. I didn't but then...I did. :D Thanks again!

  4. Aww everything was joyous until the end and that end picture truly played out in my head!

  5. Looks like a good day! (I despise those lame attempts at "musical" instruments!)

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  7. Nice photos. Hasn't the weather been awesome??

  8. Why aren't there playgrounds like that for big people like us???


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