07 March 2012

But first...

I want to tell you about my exercising...really, I do. But first...

Today is this girl's birthday...

...and she's not too sure how she feels about it. Might be lack of cake, presents, and party...or it might just be because she's THREE...which is probably the hardest age EVER. She is my magic baby and I really can't believe she is here on this earth let alone three whole years old. Despite her cranky face today, she really has been a massive ray of sunshine in my life ever since she was born. Being born in the caul is said to have mystical properties, so it is fitting that she is a caul baby.

We celebrated by going to the Little Farm. This is not a small farming operation where we grow things to eat. It is a collection of farm animals that city kids can see up close and personal. But more on that in a different post...there've been so many mommy blogger posts lately, today I'll give you a respite :) Well, except for this...

Big tongue about to envelope that celery stalk and rip it from my hand...
totally tripped out my little birthday girl.

Now on to fitness...or some facsimile thereof...

I ran my hilly 3.5 on Sunday, which was the first time I had run in about a week. I vowed to start running some more challenging routes to prepare myself for my participation in the Oakland Marathon Relay coming soon...March 25th. As I was too busy sitting on my a** all of yesterday while my kids were in school, I was forced to run in my development last night after they were all in bed. My development does not provide a challenging route...I'm lame. I suck. I should just hang it up. Self-flagellation is good for you, right? Wrong! Instead of beating myself up, I gave myself credit for what I had done.

3.6 miles ...so a little farther than Sunday. Practically skipping along at a slightly-under-10-minute-mile pace. It was my longest run to date in these...

I'm liking the Newton Gravity. I alternate these with my Mizuno Wave Rider 15's. Both shoes are radically different from what I've always used and from each other, but I'm feeling very comfortable with this rotation. I've decided that I want to be accustomed to running in a few different shoes so that when one gets discontinued I don't go into an all-out panic and spend days scouring the internet for clearance back-stock of discontinued shoes in my size. Who else has done that? Show of hands, please. You know you have.

I am looking forward to providing a review of both pair of shoes. But first...

I need to run enough in them to formulate a valid viewpoint :)  And to that end, I hope to run a couple more times this week. I'm not calling it a 'plan' because "life is what happens when you're busy making plans" and so that's a sure-fire way for me to jinx that idea. For now, I'll just call it 'hope'...and I'll keep hanging on to it :)


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl, and happy run-day to you! The shoe thing is smart. I need to get figuring out new shoes. They're so expensive, though. Ugh. I'll just enjoy looking at and hearing about yours! :)

    Hey, we're racing the same weekend, too! I'll be in Tennessee (or Kentucky) on the 25th.

  2. happy birthday to miss C..she is just a doll...
    I am doing the same as you with the shoes..I have my Ravenna and Friday my Pure Flow will be here...
    I raised my hand....I have done the internet search for shoes...
    I am still doing it...:)

  3. Awww happy bday! 3 is HARD, but you already know that!

  4. Happy B-day to your little cutie-pie! Cool shoes. Glad to hear you're running again. Just keep plugging away at the miles. Slow and steady, right? I just signed up tonite to run the Portland Marathon this fall (aaghhhh....what have I done???) Guess I'd better quit skiing so much and put in a few more miles! :)

  5. Happy 3rd birthday, little one!!

    I'm planning to run a marathon in 2013 - a year after this baby is born. I'll have to hit you up for tips!

  6. happy b'day little Ms. Sunshine. That farm looks like fun. And those running shoes look very cool. Not that I need them for siting at home all cozy :)

  7. We chatted about birthdays and I was so busy "talking" that I didn't even catch that it was your daughter's big day! Hope you guys get to make a big treat today to celebrate. I'd have been a little tripped out by the big tongue too even though I see/hear/smell cows every day.

  8. Hope the birthday girl's sad face turns the other way....oh to be three, huh? Happy Birthday to your special baby!

    I am hoping only good things for your return to running and looking forward to hearing how the Newtons hold up for you! Smiling big for your 3.6!! :)

  9. 3 years old! She's looking so big!
    Happy birthday Miss C!

  10. Ahh...the "Thrilling Threes!!!" Such a tough age...but such a rewarding one as well! happy Birthday to her!!

    I am a freak about my shoes. I wore the exact same brand of shoes for about 13 years before they were discontinued...and then it took me a few years to be happy again. I just recently began trying to alternate my shoes between runs...and I believe this is definately better for my type-A-ness!!

    Never tried the Newtons...only Saucony's and Brooks...

  11. hope - always a good thing. hang in there!

    my coach made me ditch my newtons - I liked them fine but they were worn out and he hated them. shrug - since I'm a newish runner I haven't gotten attached to them or any particular brand. trying the saucony kinvaras & peregrines.

  12. I love the cow photo. Their tongues are unreal. Happy Birthday :)

    Rotating different shoes works well for me too. It keeps me from getting sore spots in one particular place.

  13. Hope your little girl had a Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy third birthday to your littlest miss!! What fun to go to a fard for her birthday!

  15. Newtons and a giant cow tounge in the same post. Genius.

  16. Being 3 is rough. Man, it goes by so fast.

  17. Happy Birthday to your little girl and good luck to you in the 3's. Just finished them and just about to start them again with my youngest. I think it's the age where their whole strong-willed business just gets a better voice. Good thing they are cute :).


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