24 March 2012

Racing on a wing and a prayer

I use the term 'racing' very loosely.

While my participation in last year's Oakland Marathon Relay was impromptu...getting the call the morning before...this time around I've known for a year that I'd be doing it. As the year progressed, I had high hopes of annihilating my time from last year, seeing as how I was getting faster and stronger all the time. For months I relished the thought of tackling the hills of Montclair with gusto and power. I was in training.

This past fall and winter brought some unexpected health crap into my life. I've blogged about it. If you missed it, suffice it to say that things went from 'ehhhh' to 'blehhhh' to 'WAAHHHH' to worse. Presently, I've emerged from the depths of the abyss and am actually looking forward to the SurvivalFest that will be Leg 2 of the Oakland Marathon Relay...most likely in the rain.

Though I'm minimally physically prepared, I feel mentally ready to take it on...to run hard and smart. All the hills I've walked can only help...even if I was only walking them. Leg 2 is a tough one...not as challenging as having to run the stretch as part of running the full marathon. This I know. I'm not trying to blow a hilly jaunt of 6.5 miles out of proportion. I am going into it undaunted at this point but knowing that it will not be pretty. And like last year (recap of the 2011 running of Leg 2 can be found here...along with the photographic evidence of my stellar parallel parking skills), I bow in respect to all runners of the full. They are badass. Insane but badass.

My guess is that my average pace will be marginally different from last year...and it might not be faster, which is a bummer but reality. And I'm guessing I'll pee my pants again while running down the monster hill at the end. But it will probably be raining so no one will know ;-) Instead of my 20-year old cotton Sporthill pants and 17-year old faded cotton tank, I'll be wearing my basic black, hopefully-more-slimming-than-last-time racing outfit and adding a little pizzazz in the form of my $2 Target knee-socks-turned-arm-warmers...

You know you want some. What's stopping you?
And there are many colors and patterns to choose from!
yeah...going all fashionista here at Taking It On...
look out!

Here's hoping that all runners have solid runs this weekend, whether racing or training. And here's to flouting reality :)

What's on deck for you this weekend? How are you feeling about it?

Have you ever used that expression...on a wing and a prayer?


  1. Never used that expression. :) LOVE the arm warmers. Expensive arm warmers are overrated. Hey girl, good luck to you in this. You impress me so much with your constant attempt to keep climbing and being a better you and doing more to challenge yourself. Glad you're in my life.

  2. Have fun! Those knee sock arm warmers are great. :)

  3. I love those!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are definately a fashionista!!! checked out your photos from last years races...I love that you laugh at you!!! I love that you see the truth, admit it, and then kick it in the ass! Good Luck on your run...I hope you enjoy it, tackle it hard, and feel stronger for doing it!
    Please keep inspiring me...

  5. Love the armwarmers - and a great and much cheaper option than buying official "armwarmers" from a running shop. Good luck on your race!

  6. Good Luck with your race. Love your arm sleeve idea!

  7. Good luck my dear!! Sending good thoughts for tomorrow.

  8. Love the arm warmers! I use plan old white tube socks for arm warmers. I guess that makes me the "people of Walmart" of ghetto arm warmers :-).

    Good luck tomorrow! Awesome job with the parallel parking last year BTW.

  9. I grew up in the 80s, I used to sing along with the wing and a prayer song.

    I played Mr. Mom this weekend, but that didn't stop me from running 14 miles on the treadmill, thanks for asking :-)

    Seems like I'm reading about more runners dealing with injuries than ever before. Hope the relay exceeds your expectations.

  10. good luck this weekend! I understand (unfortunately all too well) how your expectations have had to change, but you will do great! Just being able to race is awesome!

  11. Fashionista indeed! Check out littlemissmatched.com some time for some other fab arm warmer options, I have no exercise planned in my busy weekend. I might feel a little inspired to fit some in now!

  12. Good luck this weekend. And I would of never thought of using knee socks as arm Warner's, and target has some great designs. Thanks for the idea! I am running a half marathon tomorrow. Can't wait.

  13. Good luck! I think if you are mentally there you will do great. I ran a flat and boring half today that I knew about and didn't train for because I was lazy and it hurt! Hopefully you have more fun!

  14. some of my favorite arm warmers are made from sox!! fun

    don't think i've ever used that expression!! lol

  15. I hope you're out there right now as I type this having an absolute blast and sporting the best looking arm warmers on that damn course!!!

  16. Have fun and good luck! Like the arm warmers!

  17. so how was it?!
    wet? but other than that...
    hope it went well
    I hope you had a great time.
    that is the most important after all

  18. I hope you had a great race and I love the arm warmers:) Great idea!

  19. Those are well fancy! You should start making them for everyone!!


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