12 March 2012

It's such a sketchy training plan...

Eight days ago, I ran 3.5 miles. It was a rigorous route and I felt good about how it went. I vowed to run exclusively challenging routes to prep me for this coming at me in 2 weeks time...

Since making that vow, I've run once. It was a demanding 3.6 miles over extremely flat terrain. So much for challenging routes. I hope you could read the sarcasm.

Given this training trend (governed by the hip, good people), look for me to get smoked on my leg of the Oakland Marathon Relay...Leg 2 covers Miles 6 to 12.5. Do you see what that looks like on there? I am sincerely hoping that my fitness base (ummm...) and my dogged determination will carry me up and over that massive HUMP still feeling like it's all good fun :)

As my ability to run is hampered by my hip still, I got out on the bike this past weekend. I thought I was going to be outriding a storm brought in by these clouds and their accompanying wind...

Sort of luckily, it didn't rain...even though we kind of could use rain here. Being rested, I pretty much hauled ass for 50 minutes. Then I was wiped out and need to get home so my kids could go see a movie with their dad. I was sure to stretch and roll and Stick and ice. I don't need to get hurt by biking on top of the running issues.

I had big plans of running a challenging route on Sunday. I was sore from my ass-hauling bike ride the day before, my hip joint was feeling a little raw, and the time change really screwed our whole family up. I didn't run. I guess it wasn't important enough to me to make it happen ;-)  Instead, we made cookies...

We had this random bag of white chocolate chips and decided to use them. Chocolate white chocolate chip cookies. Gluten-free, of course. I know they look like weird little turd-patties, but they actually taste AWESOME! They came out a little on the dry, cake-y side but still really yummy.

Today my kids have the day off...as usual. The time change still has us all turned around and discombobulated. Breakfast at 11, lunch at 2:30, who knows when dinner will be? And no one will fall asleep at a remotely reasonable hour.

I, for one, cannot wait until my hip is feeling solid. And I cannot wait until our family schedule simmers down. And I'm really looking forward to the next time I get to climb the walls. And I really, really am excited about some day getting to create a real training plan that I can actually follow.

Ever make something that looks like s*it but is actually super awesome?


  1. I'm a fan of all cookies, even turd looking ones.

  2. The cookies look scrumptious - I'd have no problems eating them all! :)

    I, too, hope that hip gets to behaving soon so you can get on with what you want to do. Nothing more disheartening when we can't run as we want!!

  3. I've never met a cookie I didn't like. Good luck with your hip rehab. Hope things get back to normal for you soon.

  4. Only the uber-rich crap white chocolate.

  5. That running path is unbelievable. I could run it every single day. Gorgeous.

  6. We are knee deep in science fair cookie experimenting here! Those look delicious to me. If determination has a lead role, you will defeat that hill (mountain?)

  7. Thinking good healing thoughts about your hip!! Get well quick!

  8. Those cookies don't look THAT bad! I made some risotto once that looked like crap and was super sticky, but tasted surprisingly good.

  9. That run looks rough but you'll do just fine, sore afterwards, but fine.

    Cool pic of the clouds!

  10. I love your sarcasm...Makes me feel right at home. good luck on that relay...hope your hip holds out...I had my PT watch your video btw...interesting some of the similariteis we have

  11. ugh those cookies look so good, can you figure out how to make them gluten free and send them to me asap :)

  12. Your cookies look yummy.... here, let me send you my address.....

  13. That's a really cool picture of the clouds. You're brave to ride with those looming.

    I know what you mean about the schedule and life's general craziness. Mine has settled down some, and I sure hope yours gets back to being normal again soon. And that the hip behaves!

  14. I think those cookies look great!
    You will do great, you have the heart for it, and if it's not fast oh well!

    Our schedule is all messed up too. I feel it and I know the kids aren't napping right and up late, etc...I can't wait until we get back in to our routine!

  15. Hope your hip doesn't give you much trouble anymore!!

    All gluten free baked goods look horrible when I make them, but manage to turn out ok. *sigh*

  16. Nice cookies! And I hope your marathon goes well in 2 weeks!

    Considering your did crew I bet you would love the story about Jill even more. I am curious if any of the coaches that you talk to have any sort of inside info about her.


    1. Thankfully, I'm only running a 6.5 mile leg of a marathon relay!

  17. I made cookies once that looked great (Christmas-y sparkles, etc), but tasted like sh*t. Oh, wait, that's not what you asked... :p

  18. You're gonna do great whatever you end up doing. Stop being so hard on yourself, or else your hip injury is going to turn into one of those commercials, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
    Oh, and you have my address: I'll be expecting those cookies in the mail. Thank you :)

  19. If those cookies do not help you hip... then, I guess, you will have to make a new batch.
    Good luck!

  20. Just one thing...I LOVE the word discombobulated!


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