01 March 2012

March is such a big month...

...so big, in fact, that I missed the first big-ticket item!

Today is our wedding anniversary. Fourteen. What is the gift theme for one's fourteenth anniversary? Probably something like patio furniture. It doesn't really matter because my husband and I never hardly ever get each other anything...ever. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary...just another day at the mill. Regarding the kids, it's a different story...but the two of us are content, nay, ecstatic to simply bask in our mutual loving glow :)

I'm so glad my mother called this morning to wish us a "Happy Anniversary" because I had completely forgotten! And so had my husband! So... Happy Anniversary to US :) I only hope I remember to reciprocate the reminding favor later in the month when her anniversary rolls around!

And March is Birthday Month here!

Q-man and Miss C have both been talking about their birthdays coming in the middle of next week, and my brother-in-law's birthday is at the end of the week.

Big G will get a re-do of his sucky birthday party next weekend as well. Here's hoping that it won't be as sucky! This time I will be farming out the younger sibs so that they do not provide continual annoyance for the duration of the party...which is what they did last time.

And High Birthday Season ends right after St. Patrick's Day when one of my stepsons turns 27!

Then at the end of the month, once the family birthdays are over...a little over 3 short weeks from right now...I'm running the second leg of the Oakland Marathon Relay. I ran the second leg last year, and it was damn hard. Well, they made it harder this year. Bastards. Fortunately, it's only 6+ miles and my team is all about fun, so maybe I'll do like Tricia and bring beer in my water bottle. I guess I might want to start running soon... It's so weird to open my calendar and look at my plan for the cast-aside Eugene Marathon...and to see that this weekend I would have had a 20-miler to run. Bailing on that puppy was the best decision ever. But I must admit, I really miss having a Big Goal out there...which probably means it's really good for me to sit with this uncomfortable feeling and be present in the moment :)

Do you forget 'important' dates?

Do you prefer having a Big (or little) Goal to fixate focus on? Or are you good with "one day at a time"?


  1. freaking

    happy freaking 14 to you.
    I'm on 13 - 14 will be a freaking miracle---errrrr--party!!

    enjoy it!!
    eat a pickle!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I like to have a race on the horizon to help keep me moving. Otherwise, I might just sit on the couch and eat bon bons:)

  3. Happy Anniversary - gorgeous picture of you two!!

    I suck at goals - big and small. I mostly like to just take things as the come.

  4. Happy 14!!!!! We'll have our THIRD in a few days. Still wet behind the ears :P Hope the re-do is a success.

    I don't necessarily forget the date of my birth, but I don't celebrate a birthday. It's a downer story. :)

  5. happy anniversary and happy birthday month!

  6. Happy Anniversary! 14 is ivory (traditional)...that was the year my husband and I each got each other bars and bars of Ivory soap (most useful gifts ever!)

  7. I forget everything! Dates especially! I keep every date in my iPhone calendar and have reminders set to tell me when they are :-).

  8. Happy Anniversary! The pic is wonderful.

  9. happy anniversary!! that pic is just too cute for words :)

  10. Happy Anniversary! It's funny that you both forgot :-).

  11. Happy Anniversary - yay! You have lots to celebrate this month, that will keep your mind off of the big goal....and maybe by the end of the month, you'll be in able to get that big one down again!

  12. happy 14th anniversary!!! I am on number 10 now....there is hope for me still...!!!

    I dont forget important dates...I am the one who reminds everyone of the special days...

    I need goals..does not matter big or small..

  13. Our anniversary is the day after my birthday and I never forget either. But I did fail to actually get my husband a card last year and we do usually exchange those. Oops. I'm pretty good about remembering my important dates, but not others. It is something I wish I was better at.

  14. Happy Anniversary! Last year I called my husband after doing the drop off at school/daycare to wish him a happy anniversary since we had both forgotten about it that morning! :)

    I like having big goals to keep me going- with this foot injury I'm having to be ok with scaling back...but I'm still not happy about it.

  15. Happy anniversary!!! I don't forget dates-it drives my hubby nuts.

    Yes-I need some kind of goal or apparently I think I'll spontaneously combust. Since I just finished my half, I don't know what I'll tackle next. I'm sure I'll think of something! ;-)

  16. Happy Anniversary! Have a great time celebrating!

  17. Happy 14th wedding birthday!
    (I love that you don't do gifts. Hubby and I don't either. We'd rather save the $ and do stuff together, but other people usually think we're crazy when we admit that.)

    Oh! I've had beer in my water bottle. (The benefits/burdens of hash running.) It is not as glamorous as it sounds... Think beer burps at mile 3. But I'm glad I tried it once!


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