17 October 2011

A Day Full of Promise...

Today was not just a school day. Today I took Baby X in for her 3-day field trip to Gold Country where she will pan for gold and make our family's fortune...this could be a watershed moment ...

She's the super cute one in the middle, smiling at the camera :)
Go make us rich, Baby X!

After dropping the older three kids at school, I went home to find Miss C practicing to be an elite athlete... between workouts...

When she sat up, i realized why i don't like brushing her hair...

Why tame such a glorious halo?
My husband calls this Hair on Fire.

We overcame our inertia and took daddy, who happened to be working from home today, out for a walk.

We showed him the turtle in the neighbors' yard...

demonstrated how a butterfly flies...

and continued on our merry fashion-statement way :)
Yes, I let my preschooler pick out her clothes.

Then we ventured outside of The Gate.

Daddy surveyed the situation...making sure the coast was clear.

The two of them walked right down to the water's edge and shared a few moments while I took a gazillion pictures of their heart-stopping cuteness...

I'm only letting making you look at showing you three of them.
A number of walkers-by remarked on what a special scene my husband and daughter created.

No one remarked on our cuteness, but I think we look pretty cute in this shot.

So between my older daughter possibly striking it rich in the Sierra goldfields and my younger daughter wowing the crowds with her cuteness which could lead to a lucrative modeling career...oh... and.... it being my first official day of ....

marathon training (!)

it certainly is a day full of promise!

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  1. Awesome! :)

    Something about a daddy and his baby girl. :)

    If your daughter strikes it rich, you should totally come to the St. Louis area. If you gave me enough notice, I'm sure I could find something cool to do. :P

  2. and what marathon might you be training for? Woot for training nonetheless!
    Hope the panning, um, pans out!

  3. I love the pictures!!!

    the M word....
    where? when?

  4. I sent two children into the goldfields and neither one came back with anything. Rotten children ;).

    Oh fine, go ahead and put the M word out there. Scary.

  5. Those are adorable pictures of daddy and daughter.

  6. Oh those pics of your husband and daughter could not be sweeter!

    Marathon training? Which one? Wahoo for training!

  7. Hair of Halo = awesome
    Heart stopping cuteness = um, yeah!
    Marathon training = so impressed!

  8. Love this. Such sweet photos. And so great to see this day captured. Someday, your little one will love this too. And yay for marathon training!! Woot woot! I want to ask where and when and how (what plan) but then that would set me up as a horrible blog reader (which I am lately) if you already mentioned it in your previous posts that I may or may not have read. uggh. :)

  9. So much cuteness. Thanks for sharing. Did you ever comb her hair, or did you just add the cap?

  10. LOVE the pics of the two of them sitting there. Looks like a beautiful day! And what? Marathon training? what did I miss?

  11. TOO CUTE! What marathon?!!?

  12. She is too cute (as are you two big people) and I can never see too many pictures of her!

  13. Adorable! And yes, you two DO look cute together, too!

  14. Love all that hair!!!
    And yes, you two look uber cute, too!

  15. I love pictures from behind like that. Some of my favorites of my kids are from behind at the beach. And in my world, there is NOTHING worse than brushing my almost 7-yr. old daughter's hair. Pure. Torture.

  16. I love taking tons of Daddy/daughter pictures. I especially love the ones I have from the back when they are walking hand in hand. There is just a special love between a daddy and his little girls!

  17. Wow! Best of luck with your marathon training! Those were super cute pics! Hope your other daughter brings home the gold plated bacon!

    Visiting from lovelinks :^)

  18. Wow a marathon. Impressed - totally beyond my ability.
    That photo of your daughter and your husband side by side was adorable (so was the one of the both of you, BTW - I can't imagine people weren't stopping you on the street to pinch your cheeks!)

  19. Aww! They are totally cute. And so are you two. Definitely you two. I have a few of those pics of my kid and my mom sitting down with their backs to the camera. It is so adorable!

  20. There's a whole lotta cuteness there. Good luck with the marathon training! I could never do it!

  21. I loved this post, especially the Hair On Fire! I love talking walks and just watching the little ones absorb everything there is to learn :) Looks like an incredible day and best of luck with the marathon training!! Woo hoo!

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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