01 October 2011

New tricks up our sleeves...

Exciting things are happening chez moi... that means 'at my house' ;-)

Miss C and her new trick.

You've seen her jump off retaining walls and scale safety gates.

You've seen her take stairs three at a time (she did 4 once... got it on camera, click and skip ahead to 2:11 to see it).

You know she is unstoppable.

And last night ...

Fortunately, as soon as I said, "Okay, honey. Come down now." She did. I think she's been watching The Waltons... or maybe she read yesterday's post. In any event, a little obedience was a nice treat for me :)

Now for my new trick.

A friend of mine was reading about my running and biking on Facebook. He asked if I had ever heard of PowerCranks. I said that I hadn't. He 'splained it to me. Then he let me know that if I ever wanted to check it out, to let him know and he'd hook me up. I checked out the testimonials. Go check them out. Go. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

I made the call.

"Hook me up," I said.

This week he dropped this off for me to try...

I know it's hard to make out what it is because of all the awesome collectibles stored in the background. My garage is a veritable treasure trove :) It's a stationary bike with PowerCranks... independent cranks. You have to lift up and not just push down. Both legs must work equally

see how both pedals are down at the same time?

I've tried it out a little bit, and it is sooooo cool. I already feel more balanced and like my hip is getting stronger...after just a tiny bit of using this thing!

I am definitely going to work on incorporating this into my cross-training, and I'll be sure to update you all on how it's working out :)

Any new tricks up your sleeve? How about old tricks? Or good jokes?


  1. My daughter was like that. One morning shortly after we had converted her crib to a day bed (same bed, just front gate removed because she was hurling herself out of it), I heard something in the kitchen (sink). Yep, I heard my daughter in there. She was 18 months old or so and had pushed a chair from the kitchen table over to the sink and then crawled up the chair and cabinet and was sitting in her pajamas in the kitchen sink playing with the dish scrubby. Nice! Of course I took a pic.

    Cool on the independent pedals thing. Looks like fun.

  2. Your wee-one certainly keeps you on your toes! What a cutie!

    The stationary bike sounds awesome! I think I only power up with my legs instead of pushing down is when I think about it, which is only when my feet are killing me. I think that bike would be a great way to teach me to ride more efficiently! Nice score, girlie!!! Hope you enjoy the hell out of it! :)

  3. my trick is ride, swim and run wicked, wicked far. It usually works. Except at my last race.

    The power cranks are cool because If I had that I could do one leg drills behind close doors as opposed to looking like a complete jack ass with one foot out of the pedals rolling down the river trail.

  4. This thing looks sweet! And your little one...man she is full of tricks! So funny...well from a distance.

  5. That is quite the trick your little monkey can do ;)
    Good luck with your new gadget! Hope it does the trick for your hip.

  6. I remember the days of finding my little ones doing something that I never thought of worrying about. Looking back it's funny now, but at the time I wanted to scream.

    The power crank sounds really interesting. I want to add biking to my routine next Spring but this might be some I can get for the winter.

  7. That girl is so funny. Thank Oprah for your older kids, who helped you not sweat the small stuff. Can you imagine if that dare devil had been your first? You'd be on high doses of anxiety meds, I think.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you've got one crazy cool kid right there! That was quite a skill she displayed. I love Miss C!

    That Powercrank thing... Is it the kind that needs a special bike shoes? I love those! Which reminds me that I haven't been to the gym for half a year now :(

  9. HA! Little booger climbing up there like that!

  10. What a climber! My climbers are falling these days.
    Enjoy your new gadget.

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