28 October 2011

Vecchio Venerdì... young and happy at the beach!

Before I had kids, back when I was young... like, 35... I took a whole lot of classes at a local community college. I already had a degree and a half, but I love school. And I had a huge pile of student loans and a crappy job...which meant paying those bad boys off was a real challenge. I found out that by being a full-time student, I could defer my loan payments...until I stopped being a full-time student. Enroll me, please!

I took things that were fun and interesting to me. French, Italian, Spanish, German, Drama, and Photography... all in the same semester. It was such a blast. I was even in the school play. Really.

But this post isn't about the play or the languages. This post showcases my photographic skills... such as they were. This was pre-digital...darkroom work required.

The assignment: a set of self-portraits...

  1. what the world sees, 
  2. what you see, and 
  3. I forget.
Today, I am sharing with you... which one? Let's make it fun... you guess :)

I set up a tripod on the beach. This really is a self-portrait. Cool, right?
The weird thing at the base of the rock is Nereocystis.

I promise to show the other one where I am actually in the freezing cold water in late October of 1998. But you'll have to wait until next Friday.

As far as my workouts... yesterday's run sucked wad. Leaden legs, hip injected with sulfuric acid, husband ran with me for the last 2 loops... we have 'issues' when we workout together :P And tonight's bike ride was just there. Nothing different from the other night except no video. I am hoping that this weekend's hilly extravaganza run is incredible and that my body is just knowingly saving itself ;-)

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Moving Comfort Giveaway! and I will show you some awesome stuff I did and saw with my kids over the past couple of days. Yeah, I'm a tease. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Aww, what a gorgeous picture! What the world sees and hopefully what you see too! Love this.

  2. I feel like a lousy friend....having not checked in in quite a while.

  3. That picture is awesome! Sorry your run sucked yesterday. I can't run with my hubby either. Or rather, he can't run with me. He will tell me to go ahead and then he'll keep pace behind me....I try not to take it personally.

  4. Love the picture! You look so happy! is it what the world sees?

  5. I'm guessing "world sees", but it is an absolutely gorgeous picture (and not just because I've always lived in a land locked state).

  6. I love the picture, mainly because I love water

  7. Love the photo! You look very happy. Yes, I've taken a couple of darkroom classes and it's a lot of fun to develop your own photographs.

  8. OH!!!! I just simply love that picture! Excellent!

  9. what the world sees! Great self portrait! How you scrambled back up that rock before the timer went off is impressive! (wait, were there timers then? or maybe a remote? i dunno...)

  10. Beautiful photo! You look incredibly happy!

  11. I love that picture, how fun - and beautiful - all rolled into one! My daughter takes a bajillion pictures (or used to, when she and her ex-boyfriend went on massive photo taking trips together. *sigh*)...I love the black and white ones the best, like this one!

    Sorry about the sucky run...we all have them. They suck, as sucky runs do!

  12. That is a beautiful self-portrait. You look so happy! I'm sure you'll have better workouts next week. Keep smiling! I can't wait for your next post.

  13. I dig the picture, but what on earth are the snake looking things on the sand by the rock?? Hubby and I don't work out together either. Apparently I don't play well with him. I'm learning to cope with that....

  14. joy!
    I love it
    I love that it is black and white and on the beach
    and you look so happy!!

    this should be in a frame!

  15. Is that some sort of alien being curled up at the base of the rock? I saw a movie when I was, like, 8 that had similarly looking alien beings - basically a long tail with a really small body. They dropped out of trees and killed people. Scared the sh*t out of me.


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