04 October 2011

Not everything tastes great when it sits on a Ritz...

When I first saw this on the kitchen table, I was puzzled... what is it?

Closer inspection revealed the facts...

a used Bandaid. I'm gagging... are you?

The same child who creates such disgusting things also leaves adorable things like this in her wake...

Although the vigor with which she jams the heads back into the holes is a little unnerving :P

...as well as very strange things like this...
Dora's Super Babies praying to Mecca? in between piles of cardboard boxes? 
Perhaps they are hiding in fear of an 'ethnic cleansing'?

These are just some of the weird and random things that I am using to distract myself from my pre-race neuroses. Yes, 4 days until my first half-marathon since 1997. Some of you are thinking, "Sheesh, woman... get over it... that you even can run that far is pretty freakin' cool!" You are correct. And some of you are thinking, "Sheesh, woman... get over it... a half marathon is nothing! Just wait 'til you do an ultra!" You also are correct.

So all of you, go ahead and think these things... but tell me, "Go, XL! you are awesome! You can do this! You will rock it! Stay strong, stay focused, and it will be yours!" Stuff like that.

For the record, my biggest concern is not being able to actually do it. I can do it. 

Nor is my biggest concern my scary hair. My good buddy Sandra gave me an awesome Lululemon headband, so that's handled :)

I have comfortable and serviceable racing attire... nothing special except my awesome Moving Comfort Juno bra (yes, I go on and on about this thing and even made a video to show how totally awesome it is because it is ....well... awesome!). So I am not concerned about clothing.

My biggest concern is the finish line.

Recent history shows that I am a goner at the finish line. At my last races, I have had a friend or team there to ensure my safety and well-being! My husband will not be there. My buddies at the race will be racing, too.

My friends Patrick and Caroline and Jill have assured me over and over that there are tons of volunteers who will help keep me from stepping out in front of a bus or keeling over in a puddle of my own puke... and other such post-race, zoned-out activities. And Caroline (who will be there) has even offered to have her husband be on help-XL-alert... so sweet :) While it definitely helps to know these things, I am still concerned. To achieve my 'A' goal, I need to shelve this concern. And close the cupboard doors on it. Truthfully, reading my own words helps reassure me that I can do it and I will be okay.

Time to stop looking for distractions.

Time to get my head in the game.


  1. You are going to do great, the training has been harder then the race will be, remember this in 4 days, I know, trust me on it. It wont be easy, but not as hard as your mind is thinking

    Enjoy your reward for all your hard work

  2. You can do it, XL! It'll be yours in just a few days!

    Love the 'praying to Mecca' bit!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  3. Ah the waiting game before the race is the worst - the mind plays games...But you've totally got this! You're going to do awesome!

  4. You are going to KILL it! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  5. Sometimes Phene does that same thing....leaves toys in weird positions...as if she set them that way and not just threw them down. Funny little girls! This weekend is my first 1/2...so I feel you on the nervousness. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you! I am sure you will do great and surprise yourself. I keep telling myself even if I dont do as well as I think I should...I am out there trying and that's what counts.

  6. I wish I could be there :) I'd catch you <3 good luck

  7. I SO wish I could be there to take care of you at the end!
    Try not to let it worry you because it will only take away from your race. There is nothing you can do about it until the end...and there WILL be people there to help you!

  8. You will do wonderfully, I know it. But I understand all the feelings of doubt and uncertainty. I was a mess before my first one last year and it was mostly just the unknown. I was a mess Sunday but I knew exactly why!! HA HA.

    Very excited to see how it all turns out!

  9. I would have to say yes that did make me want to gag a little bit! Eww!

    Don't worry you did Hood To Coast, you can do a little bitty half marathon!

  10. listen...you will not be alone. if you hit the wall and collapse at the end...we will be there..well I will be there BEHIND you but I will get there. I ran 3 half, I ended up on the floor 2 out of 3. I am still here and going for 4. you will be fine and you are not alone. pretend you have known me for 10 years! this will not be a HTC repeat/ conditions are different you will be well rested. you will stay hydrated it will be a great weather day. I bet you will be at the finish cheering for the turtle that is moi!

  11. Bill says it is $10 for the services!!
    no no
    I kid of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bah ha ha!!!!

  12. XLMIC - You've totally freakin' got this! Any woman who can regularly deal with used bandaids on Ritz crackers, praying Dora babies, and head jamming - not to mention 0.75 mile endless loops - has more mental and physical fortitude than any of us can even comprehend. You will ROCK this race. And no worries about the finish line - all those people won't let you down!

  13. I've seen some gross things around my house (I am the mom to two boys after all) and I'm still gagging...

    You are going to do great!!!

  14. That's disgusting.
    Followed by hilarious.
    All wrapped up with you are going to rock this!! I am SO excited for you! Can't wait to hear about it!

  15. For the record, I only promised the volunteers would keep you getting hit by a bus. I didn't promise anything w/r/t the puking.

    What up with the weather in O-Town? I'm on the 11th floor of the Tribune building @ 7677 Oakport looking south. Sky looks scary.

  16. I'm dying over here!!! Em leaves random crap all over the place! In just about every room in the house!!! You are going to ROCK this half!!!

  17. The Dora dolls cracked me up!! So did the comment about her cramming the heads in...unnerving. And the band aid on the cracker...ha ha. But really, YOU CAN do this! And you will be awesome. Go girl! Be strong. Kick some bootay!!!

  18. "Go, XL! you are awesome! You can do this! You will rock it! Stay strong, stay focused, and it will be yours!"

    How's that?!? :)

    You are going to take that first step and all your fears will go right out the door and you'll do your thing and you'll do it very, very, very well!!

    Remember when my derailleur broke and I was so bummed and down and you sent me that joke (that got partially lost in transit)? Just remember that joke when it gets tough...and think of me cuz I'll be thinking of you out there and with you ever step!!!


  19. You will do awesome! Don't worry about it, you've got this!

    I do have to say, the band-aid on the Ritz cracker was pretty gross.

  20. First off momma- YOU WILL ROCK IT! The only thing left is to hurdle those self doubts baby because YOU GOT THIS! Second off, my 2 year old just ate a petrified strawberry he found somewhere under the fride so I feel you on the Ritz cracker kiddo front. They are quite the orginals, eh? No go start believing in yourself.

  21. I had to go throw up after used bandaid. That is right up there with used condom as two of the grossest things on the planet.

  22. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to go with this, "You, B*atch! You mean you could still run a marathon??? Is there something you cannot do???"

    Now that I've said that first part... Best of luck, my friend. I know you are going to nail it. Why? Because you kick ass, that's why.

  23. I just wandered over from Partyly Sunny and had to give a "GO YOU!" shout out! I have to follow now to see how it goes...and because Puttin on the Ritz and Dora's posse amused me so!

  24. Since Dora appears Hispanic, perhaps the dolls are freaking out about the Albertville, Alabama immigration law ruling?

  25. Best of luck for race time! BTW...love the praying dollies.

  26. Yeah, that's pretty gross... but I suppose it could've been slightly worse. :)

    As for the race, you are absolutely going to be amazing. Don't worry about the finish, they'll take good care of you. Just run your heart out and enjoy every second of it. You rock!!


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