19 October 2011

Working to become Speedy...



when my style is more Pepe LePew...


My big announcement yesterday was that I am now training for a full marathon. That means 26.2 miles, my non-running friends. Some people don't know that is the distance of a full marathon, and I aim to be educational here ...not elitist.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be embarking on this journey, I would have laughed in your face... and then gone home to cry because impossibilities sadden me. The word "impossible" may now be stricken from my vocabulary... along with "fail(ure)."

Yesterday was Training Day #2 and my first speed work challenge since early July. I am creating my own training plan. It draws from training books and plans that are widely available, personal experience, the say-so of friends and athletes I know and respect, and whimsy. I figure that getting a solid aerobic base, building up my endurance enough to complete at least a couple of 20+ mile training runs near the end of the cycle, incorporating a bit o' speed stuff and a smattering of cross-training will most likely cover it. I've written it all down in pencil and will continue to revise and reassess as I progress... or not. It's a 28- to 31-week plan, depending on the race I finally select. The primary goal is to have fun with it – which includes staying healthy...because the flipside of that is the opposite of fun.

So... yeah... speed work...

Dang, that was hard! Even though I on purpose designed last night's to be short, 'easy,' and confidence-building, it was way harder and hurt more than I had remembered it might. And I was reminded why I shelved speed work when I was in survival mode during the Month of Horrors over the summer and then conveniently forgot to bring it back when the dust finally settled. Last night's work was short, confidence-building... and two out of three ain't bad :)

In other news....

It's Spider Season in these parts. Every October, gigantic spiders spin gigantic webs all over town.

the webs are spectacular...

especially in the early evening light.

The spiders are pretty spectacular, too...
spectacularly huge!

We hardly even need that fake spiderwebby stuff for Halloween!

Speaking of which...

What are your Halloween plans? Dressing up?

What's the best costume you've ever been or seen?


  1. Eeeeeeeek!

    (Bet you thought I was screaming about spiders, but nope. I was excited about marathon training. Good luck! I feel every training plan should have "whimsy" included.)

  2. I'm doing the Organ Trail urban adventure this weekend! I've been blogging about it a lot but we do get to dress up as a zombie :)

  3. OK--the webs are so cool, but the maker is a little too big for my comfort zone!

    So now it's not enough to finish the marathon, you want to be fast too!? Awesome...as in I am in awe!

    I think my kids will back my bags if I dress up this year! I saw a guy dressed as Richard Simmons last year...so simple, but I just loved it!

  4. It's hard learning to be speedy! I am very slow and ploddy when it comes to running. Are you planning to do short, fast runs or some sort of interval training?

  5. LOVE that you're doing a full marathon! LOVE the spiderwebs!

    I know you are going to get super speedier during this training!

  6. Good Luck on the full! I don't think I will ever do a full. :) Those webs are great...as long as I don't run into them.

  7. FULL MARY!!! OMIGOSH, how did I miss this?!! Congrats girl!!

  8. wow those are impressive webs!
    we get a lot here also but not like those!!!

    marathon!!! I want to do one!
    my deadline is 45 yrs old. that is January of 2014. the one I dream of is Big Sur. No time goal, just do it.

    Halloween! the kids are off that day
    will go to Aquarium of the Pacific and then hit the neighbors for some candy!!


  9. what?
    I clicked on athlete to see where it would take me...not to my blog?
    I dont get it?!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha
    I kid of course

  10. Yes yes yes! So excited for you :) Looking forward to following you as you get ready and kick some serious hiney for 26.2 miles!

    We too have crazy spiders/webs in October. I wonder why that is? Weather? Their webs are awesome but I want them to stay outta the house. Not welcome inside. Nope.

  11. that's awesome! i'm excited to read all about your adventures in training for the full 26.2. you will do great!
    and the spider webs - great pics! it is definitely spider season here, too. we basically live in the woods and we have spotted some pretty freaky looking spiders lately. as for halloween - my kids will be a cupcake, a vampire and a pumpkin. i am running marine corps the day before so i will probably be some sort of limping hunchback ;o)

  12. Gorgeous webs! I love this time of year for so many reasons...

    Costume: I was once a road runner.
    Black shorts and t-shirt. Double yellow line down the middle, and white lines down the sides. Wearing sneakers. I carried a toy car.
    Get it? ;)

    PS - You'll get used to the speedwork (especially once you notice, after a couple of weeks, that it makes your long runs feel easier) ;)

  13. I'm dressing up as you. Can I borrow some Nuun stuff?

    How long is the Marathon you are doing?

  14. Awesome lady! I am just seeing your announcement now. You will do great, although I can imagine I would feel a little overwhelmed now too. And speed training, no bueno. Can't wait to see your full journey, all the way through the finish line!

  15. Sounds like you got things under control and have good friends and athletes to rely on for some solid advice! I so look forward to hearing about your journey...it's going to go well! :)

  16. Good for you for training for that marathon! I'll cheer from the cyber sidelines!

  17. To XLMIC re Posey the Cat. How can you say you are not one for meds. But you like cats. That cat relied on its owner to do the honorable thing and save his life by the Vet. Like us, animals get numerous conditions, especially Thyroid. And the simple thing was his treatment is 'cheap as' I happen to know. And it wouldn't be good guardianship duties is he/she had have ignored his condition. His photo, you can see, dilated pupils with Hyperthyroidism is the excess blood pressure to the eye, causes blindness. That wouldn't have been very nice; would it? Do you really want to be a lousy shithead for not acting for your cat. Animals trust that we will, and they deserve it. They can't talk to a Vet themselves.


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