05 October 2011

Starring: Nose

Yes, I have awesome hair. That fact is indisputable. My hair will one day be super famous, and you can say you knew it when. But like most people with awesome hair, there are days when I wish I had different hair. The grass is always greener... or the hair less wacked-out... or something...

Did you know that I also have a love/hate thing with my nose?  I always have. It surely does its job well in that I have a great sense of smell. This quality I usually love...delicious baked goods, the earth after a good rain, blooming flowers that are not corpse lilies... dog crap and loaded diapers... not so much :P

But I have never been particularly fond of how it looks. I think it is just too big for my pinhead and too pointy for its own good. It sticks out so far that I whack it on things... like doorways... from time to time.

It didn't help that I was teased mercilessly about it in grade school. (Pokeynose... dumbass couldn't even say 'Pinocchio' right). Kids are brutal. My own kids have even made comments about it. Sheesh. Hold your "oh, it's not so bad" comments... please. Even though you might mean them, you don't live with this beast. I appreciate your efforts to see past it, but it's okay. Really.


Who'd've thunk my nose would be featured in a movie? Yeah... I know! I still can't believe it! 

I don't know how many of you took the time to click the Nuun HTC video link I posted a few weeks ago, but since I know it was so much work and might have maxed out the number of windows open on your screen at that given moment, I've embedded it for your viewing pleasure... and I am directing you to the most important scenes... Nose being of primary importance and Nuun Platuun a close second :) I do need to point these things out because they are not super easy to find in and amongst all the sparkle ;-) I kid you... I'm a kidder :P  Okay... enough emoticons... here's the video...

The parts you want to pay especially close attention to are as follows (times aren't necessarily exact):
  • 0:53.... Cupcake's famous "Good job, girl!" 
  • 1:17.... Super Kim and her winning smile :)
  • 1:27.... THTH Susan (that stands for 'too hot to handle') who just ran a 3:18 marathon(!!!) stripping down to her super sexy shortshorts.
  • 1:34.... Nose's DEBUT!!!! Looking sharp ;-)
  • 1:57.... Nose's key scene... cut down by the director so you can't see her full range of abilities...
  • 1:59.... Tonia, who is an awesome spokesperson and still questioning the whereabouts of our trophies.
  • 2:06.... Cupcake again... giving her often-imitated 'thumbs up'!
  • 2:11.... Blonde Ponytail, unfortunately obscured in the only shadow she experienced during that hot, hot leg so you cannot see how fabulously her awesome Moving Comfort Juno bra supports her... remember Boobs I Follow?
  • 2:52.... Nose participates in a high-five with Megan from AfterNuun Delight... their team's Glamour Leg runner.
  • 2:58.... Nose assists in a comforting, motherly kiss and hug for Megan. Nose knows how hard it was. Love you, Megan :)

I didn't mention everyone by name because this post really was all about Nose. But so that no one's feelings are hurt...and in the name of good teamsmanship... I will snag a corner of Nose's marquee and praise the rest... in order of legs run that would be: Tricia, Caitlin, Kerrie, our Faster Bunny, Lisa, and Harmony. Click on the words "AfterNuun Delight" here or above to get names and links for all those awesomely sparkly women :) 

That's enough... Nose is getting cranky about having to share the limelight.

Pretty stellar how I calm my nerves, eh? Distraction, distraction, distraction...


Thursday, October 6 is Taking It On's birthday or bloggiversary (how do you spell that anyway? anyone actually know?). ONE whole year. Wooo hoooo! What better way to celebrate than by helping Lucky Number 13 win an actual real contest with an actual real prize? Yeah! It's taking place today... on TIO's birthday and it will be here! There is some extremely talented competition and I could definitely use your help in getting the popular vote :)


  1. I think you have a pretty fabulous (and famous) nose! :) But, I know how you feel - my lebanese nose is pretty big, ha!

  2. I didn't realize your nose had such a large role until now. However, I did realize how Rodrigo thought our exchanges were epic, as that's pretty much all he filmed.

    And yes, I want to know where those damn trophies are!

  3. yes I've had to learn to love my nose too!

  4. yes I've had to learn to love my nose too!

  5. It was THE NOSE that stole the show!! I love how you "point out" (no offense to your nose) the Platuun beauty hidden within in the sparkle. ;)

    LB is your bitch.

  6. I have quite the schnozz too, but I have learned to love it. I wouldn't be me with out it!

    I love how you found all the good NOSE money shots in the video. Makes watching it again all worth it. :)

  7. Love your nose!! I'd pay big bucks for a working nose right now!
    Love the video. Ya still sad I didn't apply for that. Soooooo much fun!!

  8. bahahaha I hate my nose too for its largeness but love all the great things it does for me. I did watch the movie and love it!

  9. Huh. Never thought much about my nose. But now that you mentioned it...

    I tried to concentrate on all the noses in the video, but couldn't get pass the guy running in his thongs and some kind of helmet. lol

  10. Congrats on your blogoversary (nope, have no idea of correct spelling!) As for the nose, come on, Barbara Streisand is uber popular! Your nose may be your ticket to fame. Ellen can't compete with that nose!

  11. I've also always hated my nose!

    Congratulations on your blogiversary, or however it's really spelled!

  12. This is such an awesome video!! No wonder you have been talking about this tons. So fun, what a great experience. And a great group of women.

  13. I used to have hair like that! And then I discovered Argan Oil, also know as Moroccan Gold. And wonders never cease: it actually helps!

  14. I love your hair and your nose. I can however, understand how you would feel like that about your nose, especially having being teased about it. There are two plastic surgeries that I want - 1. nose job 2. breast implants....I HATE my nose. So I don't know what to tell you except I try to think of how awesome Barbara is for keeping hers and I also want to set a good example for my child :D

  15. Great video - looks like a ton of fun!

    Happy blogiversary:)

  16. You would NOT be you without it! A functioning nose is (usually) a good thing...
    Great video :))

  17. Happy Blogiversary!
    Love the nose feature. :)

  18. Love your nose! It's YOU!

    Everybody grows a nose. I see a nose on every face. I see noses everyplace. A nose between each pair of eyes... noses, noses, every size!

  19. I like Raina's comment - "you would NOT be you without it." Often those things about ourselves that we like the least, others (like our loved ones) like the most.

    Your hair is great, too. :)

  20. Your video looks great and the nose has star potential ;) Looks like a great and supportive group of friends you have. Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

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