13 October 2011

While mom's away...

When I went to Long Beach to eat my burger by myself and wander around the loading docks of the Convention Center alone and ultimately run an amazing half-marathon with tens of thousands of other people, I left my heart looking at San Francisco.  Well, the objects of my heart's affection, anyway :)

if she'd just turn to the right a leeeettle bit, she'd be looking right at SF.

When I go away and do these o-so-fun race things... like Long Beach this past weekend and Hood to Coast Relay back in August... a huge burden is placed on my amazingly awesome and understanding husband. I know this burden of which I speak because I deal with it daily :P While four children in the house is a huge joy and can be tons o' fun, it is also a tremendous amount of work. Nonetheless, daddy made sure they had a good time and even photographed it so that I could see :)

After dropping my freeeee excited self off at the airport, daddy took them out for donuts. This part was not photographed because I think he wanted this to be kept 'their little secret' ;-) Then they had to take Q-Man to his soccer game...

I don't think the Under-7 teams keep score...officially... 
but the kids can always tell you what the score was unofficially ;-)

It's pretty amazing to me that he kind of gets how to play the game...
not just that you're supposed to kick the ball into the goal, but passing and defense and such.

After the game, daddy took them for a walk...

 I am loving it that Big G is finally getting the hang of being a nice big brother.

And while the boys waged some sort of real-but-imaginary battle on the giant compass thing...

...Miss C dashed off...

...and found all kinds of cool stuff...

...storm drains...

...big rocks...

...cubist trash receptacles...

...the joy of making handprints in the dirt...

...she even found a camera!
Fun climbing on rocks...

 ...and fun jumping off!

I think Q is going for the 'crane' stance...

G is going for 'lordly'.

For Miss C, it was time for a breather.

 And the next day, Big G lost this tooth!
 The last time he lost a tooth was right on his birthday. 
The lame tooth fairy forgot to come by for a whole freakin' week! 
That chick should be canned, man...

But when she finally came that last time, she left a twenty spot!

G was hoping for the same this time around... but the TF was prompt...
and only left a buck.

And that's what happened while I was away :)


  1. Is Miss C planting on the concrete cylinders? She's talented!

  2. Miss C looks like she's planking!

    Gorgeous area.

  3. What a beautiful place! And a beautiful family too :)

  4. My son (7) has a friend who lived in CA and got $20 for a lost tooth - so when my son only got $1 for his tooth he announced he wants us to move to California just until he gets all his permanent teeth...

    Great pics!

  5. stopping by from the rubsomedirtonit blog hop- fun pics.!

  6. These pictures are so much fun. Great that your super husband documents their adventures while you are off on your own, so that you can share in and feel included too. Love this.

  7. Tooth fairy always seems late around here too!

  8. What a perfect fall week! So glad you had a nice time :)

  9. I LOVE the pictures where they are all 3 on the rocks!

  10. what a nice day and what an awesome big bro he is! I love the three on the rocks and the one where they are on the stairs. tooth fairy tonight!!!!!

  11. love the pics!!! love the one of the 3 of them on the rocks!

    the tooth fairy is crappy here too...
    and also pretty chrap
    $5 for the first one
    than it is $1

  12. What a lovely, happy time! These family moments are so precious, aren't they?

  13. We all need a break from the daily mothering but it is so sweet to return home!

  14. Looks like fun times while XLMIC was away! Soccer is indeed awesome, I wish I had played more when I was younger - I only played 3 years in AYSO. My brother played for like 5 or 6 years I think.

    I can attest that the GRID foam roller is indeed awesome, the first time you use it, it might hurt, but it really helps get the knots out of your legs. And it will basically last you forever since it doesn't get dented like the soft foam roller.

  15. Well sounds like the hubs is an amazing father. You can go away more often! You do realize I have room for you whenever you need an excuse for a half marathon. There's one here in June! Just sayin'...

  16. Husband of the year, in my book! Great photos, entertaining and exciting weekend, lots of fun all around :) I think you should go away more often!

    Thanks for sharing those great shots with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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