02 October 2011

Homework battles of a different sort...

I know, I know...

I'm super lucky to have a kid who will even do homework on the weekend (with a minimum of threats coaxing), but...

I just want to know how this makes sense as a homework-doing location?

It's the doorway between the kitchen/family room and the rest of the house. It is probably the most-traveled threshold in the place. And Big G decided it would be the most comfortable, most reasonable spot in which to do his Chinese homework. Yes... Chinese. And while he likes challenges of the intellectual kind and may be very smart, little dude has zero common sense about most other things in life.

Like where is a good place to do homework.

Hence his awesome spot... viewed now from the other side... I did have to mince around and step over him to get here.

He and I went back and forth for too long on this. I should have known better. In the end I just walked away, saying, "Okay... but if someone steps on you or pisses you off because you are in their way, I don't want to hear about it."

And mostly because I didn't get to run yesterday or last night and I am going nuts, I let this happen...

I swear to you... this was not staged.

You should have heard the screaming.

I cannot wait until my husband comes back from his camping trip. 





  1. Go for a run. NOW! :-)
    I don't care where my teen does his homework as long as he does it. He may spread himself on the kitchen counter, I don't care, as long as I can access my coffee maker.

  2. hahaha that's awesome! I can't wait till my kid does something like this. just found you. followin :D

  3. I want to see the next picture...what happened after!!!!

    Homework...ah yes. sometimes it is a joy..kind of and sometimes it is WWIII
    like when my 7 yrs old tries to teach me, his mom with an engineer degree about second grade MATHS. So far I am always right. I get the rolling of the eyes 2-3 times a week and once in a while he becomes the HULK. that is not pretty.

  4. Ha ha! I get the same exact issues here! My oldest really gets into his homework and is very bright but has zero common sense regarding organization, planning, and where to do his homework or what to do with it after it's done. He will complain about his brother and sister bothering him but refuses to go to his room because he can't concentrate in there. Huh? Then, I get the constant arguing and he tries to tell his brother how he should be doing his homework or what he is doing wrong. For gosh sakes! Just do your own dang homework and can we have peace and quiet during homework time!

  5. how do I find this triple spatula you speak of???

  6. Well, there could be worse spots...like on the roof or on the bathroom floor? Maybe he wanted to see if he was longer than the hallway! :)

    Hope the hubs gets home SOON so you can RUN!!


  7. My sis has a PhD in Physiology and is now getting a masters in Exercise Physiology (after being laid off from her professorship) - same girl that jr year of undergrad told me she had no idea where to look for a summer job and me (a jr in high school) suggested the classifieds and she was like "Wow, that is a good idea!" LOL And no, she still doesn't have a lot of common sense. Get out for one of those 0.75 mi laps asap. Prayers for a safe and quick return of your hubby.

  8. You never know the needs of genius. I always liked on my stomach in bed.

    I still say the oldest are old enough to babysit for an hour....

  9. Take comfort that you don't have to nag him to do his homework. I hope your hubby comes home soon so you can get your run in!

  10. Here is where I differ from you and your super fit blogging friends. I would say, get yourself a drink quick!

  11. It is a toughie when yo have kids- but what i have also noticed is that she makes me want to never stop so that I can always be healthy for her.
    thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower!!! :)

  12. sweet carpets. Maybe pink makes it easier to recall the Chinese charcters.

  13. My son loves doing his homework where he still feels part of the household. Instead of alone in his room he would pick a spot somewhere where he can hear what everyone else is doing. This looks like a very similar approach.

  14. Ha! well, the carpet does look rather comfy : )

  15. As long as homework gets done! But running would be positive!

  16. Hang in there M!!! Like Caro said, I wanna know what happens next! ;)

  17. Awesome. Kids and their logic... absolutely awesome. Younger siblings attacking older ones... even better! Hope you get an escape soon. :)

  18. My oldest will do her homework but I have caught her too many times watching Desperate Housewives on her Ipod with earplugs so I won't know.. so know I have her in the dining room - handing over the cell and Ipad... My youngest is a daily battle... Homework can be more stressful on the mom than the kid - I think!
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