10 December 2010

Frugaluser Wins the Puppies!!!!

The Robeez Santa Puppies go to Frugaluser!  Let me know where they are going by emailing me at:  the(underscore)missus(at)sbcglobal(dot)net .  I'd love to get them to you before they become seasonally obsolete!

Happy holidays to all, and thanks so much for playing the giveaway game!

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  1. Funny funny funny. Cady also thinks stupid is a bad words and gasps when she hears it on t.v. And I try to say "shoot" instead of "shit" and she corrects me on that as well. EVERYtime. "Mom, that is a bad word. You know, like shooters?" and demonstrates by pulling the trigger on an imaginary gun. I wish it could stay this way.


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