03 December 2010

Just like Tyrone...

I am now a pie-making master.  If you don't know who Tyrone is, you probably don't have young children and should click here.  I used to be like Austin, who learned all he knew from Tyrone.

This is a turkey pot pie.  Isn't it pretty?  I made one two days ago and the crust was awesome!  A huge improvement over Thanksgiving's pumpkin pies... which were yummy inside but the crust was a little tough but not bad for my first attempt at homemade pie crust (and gluten-free, to boot).  That first turkey pot pie was delicious but just a skosh dry.  This one today is not dry and is not only pretty to look at but even more delicious than that first one.  My husband saw it sitting on the counter and said, "You need to photograph that and put it on your blog."  So here it is.

I do believe it to be a Great Pie.

You may be wondering what the heck is up with gloating over a stupid pie... but that just means you don't know me and my culinary lack-of-prowess and probably didn't read that post about how I frequently burn water and once set the kitchen on fire making toast.  I am so new to cooking that it still completely surprises me when something comes out well!  


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