06 December 2010


This is old.

But how can I not share it now that I have a blog?

Big G was about 3 and a half in these (roughly 8 years ago).  The backstory is I had gone to a yoga class, my husband was home with the then-only-two kids.

For some reason, Big G decided that the potty chair would make an excellent necklace... or something... and slipped his head in through the hole where you put the bowl.  
And then he was stuck.

My husband went across the street to enlist a neighbor's help... they tried soaping the ears and head... didn't work.

Here is daddy trying to calm him down once he realized he could not get the darn thing off!

Daddy and neighbor assessing the situation closely... hmmmm.... what to do?

Tin snips!  Cut the sucker off!

And it was all over before I got home.  I still don't know who was recording this for all posterity... but I sure am glad they were.  

Big G used this in his Third Grade ME Collage in the section for "What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?"  I'd say it was a traumatic experience for him.  But he is now able to laugh about it. 


  1. This totally seems like something that would happen in my house.

  2. I thought it looked nice as a necklace.

    Poor guy...not for the incident…for the fact that these photos exist and will most likely show up at his wedding.

  3. NOOO!! Poor guy!!

    How were your baked apples?


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