22 December 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Trees Past

I needed to share my favorite Christmas Tree I ever had...  needed to... to remind me that it won't always be and hasn't always been a scraggly, plastic, 4-foot tall Charlie Brown special in my life...

And this is how good that lil' fakie can look (yes, it's the same one)... when properly and adequately gussied up!

which is not happening this year!


  1. Love the tree:) Your last post was awesome....yay for cooking, running and learning how to say no!! I loved what you wrote was your best present...your pregnancy, made my heart melt!

  2. Yes, that IS the SAME tree. For real. Scout's honor. Isn't that amazing. Wait... the top and bottom aren't the same... the bottom one is the same as the one in my fakie fakie post.


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