18 December 2010

The Secret Message

Baby X is pretty darn creative.

This is what she came up with to wish daddy a Happy Birthday.  (I know it was back in October... but I have only recently figured out how to easily get the pictures from my phone onto the computer).


  1. Hey,ho!
    I just stumbled across your blog and noticed your step-mom status. We have a blended family of 7 boys! Yikes! Only 3 left at home, although it's been a bit of a revolving door.

  2. Glad we connected - can't believe we are the same age, and kind of in the same boat. We had all 7 living with us for 7 yrs. - it's a marathon of parenting, and trying to decipher if an issue is a 'step' thing or just a 'kid or teen' thing, aye, yae, yae. we should talk :)

  3. I love this ! Thank you for your comment
    I will do as you say! :)

  4. Kids are just so. damned. cool. (!)

    Love it! And I'm glad you posted, even if it was late :)

  5. Ah! Very creative! Loved your last post and the pervy Santa-ha!


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