07 January 2011

Vecchio Venerdì

So in honor of my Sicilian visitor (who will most likely never be back and certainly won't see this post), I'm alliterating again... and again in a foreign language... to bring you "Old Friday."  I have to show off old pictures of myself because I used to look pretty good... and was in great shape.  Now I just let people see pictures of my kids ;-)  

Let's see if anyone can guess the circa of this photo!  lol  I won't make you guess which one I am... on the left, in the back... no groovy sunglasses.  My partner and I won the big race you see in the photo.  She eventually was on the US Olympic team (I can't say which year because that would give too much away!). A couple of years after this pic was taken, I was in a big car accident which kind of put a damper on things in the whole rowing department.

And the killer tube socks... those are still in fashion... and aren't actually the whole sock... just the tops so the seat tracks don't dig deep, bloody holes in one's calves... for real. 

And I'll give you a lead... somewhere in this blog is some reference to how long ago I used to do this... oh, and check out the AWESOME headbands!  That helps date it, too.  Mine had scotty dogs on it... stylin'... you know it.

Oh, wait!   here's a picture of me actually IN Sicily...  who can guess when this one was taken?  (hint: see the 'about me' to check ages of the kids ;-)  )

Breastfeeding a baby in the amphitheater in Taormina.  "Niiiice," may be what you are thinking.  But that's me.  Hungry baby?  Make it happen.  Wherever.  


  1. Okay, off the top of my head...the bottom picture were you 42ish? hmmmm, sorry, I better go back and read my e-mail. I thought you said that number 3 was born 2 month before you were 42 but I might be wrong....ack. :) Love this! Beautiful you! Lovely children and wow, hot rowing picture! socks are so funny...awesome.

  2. I'm with Danny on this, although, I am going with you being just a little bit older than me, so I will date the top picture at '82.

  3. The top picture is from 1989... I was 26.

    The bottom picture was taken in 2006... I was one week shy of 43.

  4. OK, I have to jump in here, and say that, as a local, I can totally assure you all that XLMIC looks awesome still today. And with 4 kids! I promise, she's one hot mama. And she can cook! And I won't even get into all the volunteer work she does at the kids' school...


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