11 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award? lol

I know it must have been the snot-sleeved little black tee I wrote about here that got me 'nominated' for this dubious honor!  lol  Stylish, indeed.  *snort*  don't they know who I am?  

But I love this tag game.  Because I have so many stupid erroneous facts to share!  So... many thanks to Amanda@Runninghood for giving me this opportunity to spew forth present a few interesting tidbits about meeeee!

In case you are unfamiliar with how this goes down, here's what needs to happen for this to work:
  1. I must make a post linking back to the person who has nominated me for this prestigious award.
  2. I must share 7 things about myself.
  3. I must pass on the honor to 10 new bloggers I really like.
  4. I must contact these bloggers and tell them they've been awarded this Stylish Blogger Award.
Whew!  What a lot of work!  I don't know if I am up to the challenge... especially after my tempo run ;-)  but I'll give it a whirl...

Got #1 out of the way... thanks, Amanda!  On to #2...

I've done this before here and I just put a bunch in a comment here on Diary of a Midlife Cruiser, but as I said I have a lot to share!

1.  I liked being pregnant!  yes, it got very, very old toward the end... ready-to-do-anything kind of old...
 even ready-to-end-it-all kind of old...
but I found that making a whole person inside of my own body to be just about the coolest thing imaginable!  I will forever miss the feeling of a baby moving around in there...

2.  I love Halloween... or any excuse to be in costume!  My most memorable costumes have been... oh, wait... this is a 'family' blog  ;-)  oh, heck... why not?

Pregnant dominatrix
(but must admit the previous year's was the best of all time and I can't find the pictures)

3.  I have breastfed all 4 of my kids.  I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding... but do not pass judgement on those who prefer not to or can't or whatever.  I have been a human dairy bar continuously since September of 1999.  And that may skeeve some people out... but hey, that's me ;-)  I will feed my baby whenever hungry and while that may sound awfully 'in-your-face', I am not like that about it.  I am not a flasher... I am discreet... sort of.
(not entirely sure how discreet this would be considered... on the Seine right across from the Musée d'Orsay... no benches so I just sat in the stroller... but you can't see my boob, so we're good, right?)

4.  I really miss real treats... especially ones with wheat.  Something has happened in my body and I now can't eat wheat without becoming cranky and getting a 2- or 3-day migraine.  Not worth it.

Eating the yummiest pastry known to the human race... a Réligieuse... cream puff-like base filled with chocolate custard, coated with chocolate glaze and topped with a smaller cream puff thing also filled with the chocolate custard and the two are attached with whipped cream
(and I look greasy and spacey because I am severely jet-lagged in this picture... nearly 24 hours in transit with 3 kids ... just eat the dang thing and crash)

5.  I was a really messy kid.  (my husband would argue that nothing has changed)  So I am not too terribly particular about how my kids keep their rooms... most of the time...

6.  You all already know about this:

from that last '7 random things' tag (see link).  Me, Fidel and my rowing partner... 1991 PanAmerican Games held in Havana, Cuba.  We came in second to the Canadians.  Bummer.  What a blast that was!
(what I am not showing you is that we were also in People Magazine... my partner was a big story... 42 and the mother of another competing athlete... it was the same issue of People that featured Jeffrey Dahmer... nice....and we were also on Wide World of Sports)  but this is such a fun one and everyone always gets a kick out of it... so I'm showing it again :P

7.  I am way smarter than I seem ;-)  and you'll just have to take my word for it!

Crikey!  Now to pick some other bloggers...

  1. Kelley from Kelley's Break Room
  2. Lee on the Run
  3. KD from Life-Inspired by the Wee Man
  4. NattyBumpo
  5. Danny
  6. Elkton Runner Girl
  7. Table for Seven
  8. GetRealMommy
  9. Krumpledwhiskers
  10. Catey

These are all people I want to know more random things about.  So if you are on the list and it is overwhelming to you to participate... fine... be that way (pout).  Nahhhh, I totally get it.  Don't sweat it.  But if you are cool with being a Stylish Blogger, please let me know more about you... either just in the comments here or in a post on your blog.

Pretty, pretty please!

I'll need to notify them all tomorrow... I need to go to bed... New Year's Resolution and all ;-)


  1. Seriously?? You and Fidel? I never knew. That might be better than Dean.

    OK the Halloween picture of you pregnant is the best. That is something i would do.

    is that really you pushing the lawnmower?

  2. Hmmm, great, now I will have to make up 7 things...

  3. As a new reader to your blog...it was fun to learn some randomness about you :)

  4. Omg, the pic of you mowing cracked me up. Too bad it's winter time or I'd give it a try...well, it's winter time and I'm lazy.

  5. WOMAN!! You were really pumping that milk outta your boobie cuz you were coming up onto your toes to do it! :) That picture was FUNNY!! :) So was the one of you pushing that mower up a hill. Is that some kind of birthing metaphor? hehe!

  6. Oh man! I just tagged you for stylish blogger too! Aren't you popular!!

  7. I LOVE this! I am so behind on your blog so it is so fun to catch up! These pictures are awesome! You and Fidel for real? Wow. And you're gorgeous...so great to see some pics of you. Love your Halloween costume. I wish I could let my kids' rooms be more but with a small house I find myself really getting cranky if they get too messy. I nursed all my kids but it was SO hard for me. I had mastitis oh so many time. Part of it was trying to do too much, tight clothes and getting stressed but all i had to do was sleep wrong and I had an infection. A few times I thought I was going to die...it was awful! Oh, I love being prego! So wonderful!! I wish my husband was down for one more.

  8. Okay, you're awesome. I have nothing else to say.

  9. Okay, you're awesome. I have nothing else to say.

  10. breast feeding....what a challenge!! starting right now and wouldn' t be able to do it anywhere....
    lucky you!!!!

  11. I JUST found this post ... and I didn't realize you were a rower!! I rowed all 4 years in high school and as an independent all through college. And now a couple local teams are (desperate enough to get talked into) recruiting me to coach this spring!

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