14 January 2011

Vecchio Venerdì

Making this whole retro deal a regular thing...

can you place a date on this picture?

I am sure the hair helps... and to know that this was at my college graduation might help narrow it down even more... but the hair definitely will place you in the right decade ;-)  oh, and if you look closely, the cars in the background are a big clue, too

And then let's travel back to that fabulous family trip to Sicily... since were being all Italian tonight...

I am so happy that my kids all love to read and are so fond of books!

Did you ever sport BIG HAIR?  Was it Farrah-esque?  Or modeled after some other trendy celebrity?

What was the best trip you ever took as a family... whether the child or the parent?  What made it so special?


  1. Hey you! First off, I'm thinking the picture is sometime in the 80's? 84? I don't know. And I love that picture of your daughter...oh, I want to go to Italy soooo bad. Maybe someday. I'll be asking you to give me all the tips of what I should do and see.
    When I was in middle school...um, I guess that would be the early 90's...it was popular to wear your bangs stuck up...almost like you stuck your finger in a socket. :) Best trip...hmm...they've all been as a parent because my childhood was lameo! So, I guess it would be 1. Cabo (only 2 kid and prego with #2) 2. Disneyland with the 3 kids (I know that sounds so American and non exotic but it sure was magical). 3. Probably one of our family trips to Colorado.

    I have to say that your rowing shirt story has made me laugh so hard! This is hilarious.

  2. Wow- I'm so behind! Pregnant dominatrix-HAAAAAAA! I should really go back to that post to comment but I'm lazy. Also breastfed all my kids-they are smart healthy children but I could definitely use some plastic surgery in that department now!

    Panam games. You are a SERIOUS rockstar!! Very impressive

    To the current post, I'm guessing 85. I had the world's HUGEST hair in high school. My mom still displays all of our senior picture portfolios in her entry way (6 girls). All of my sisters thought it appropriate to pull their hair back in a timeless fashion. I, however, thought it best to blowdry my hair up against the wall, back comb a monster in my bangs, wear a sweater tucked in (seriously) and pin the bottom of my jeans.....Fashion nightmare but a great conversation starter for EVERYONE who enters my parents' home!

    My favorite family trip. The black hills in South Dakota with my kids 2009. We go on a road trip once a year but this one was my absolute favorite!

  3. Oh man, weren't the 80's just the worst times ever?? Haha. My daughter (she's now 20, gasp) and I used to sit and howell at "I love the 80's" show, which I think was on MTV?!? Anyway, fun times. I never had the poofy hair because mine is straight as a board, but once I got a perm and that was a total disaster. Haha. Best trip as a family never really happened when I was little since we had no $ but my best childhood family times were spent at my grandmother's in NE Iowa. Sometimes when I have a bad day, I go there in my mind and it just feels good :).

    Happy Weekend!!!!

  4. I'm voting for 1985!!

    In 2000, my husband's family and my family all took a trip to Yosemite National Park. I absolutely loved that trip. My husband's parents divorced last year (after 39 years of marriage), so it is a nice memory to have of all of us together...happy.

    Speaking of happy...that is what your definition of "umptesson" made me. Ha! I teach a lot of umptessons around here. :)

  5. My best hair moments were actually in the 90's-the spiral perm. I loved having a perm. Still remember how bad they smell though. Wish perms were still in. Made dealing with my hair so much easier. Of course, now I just cut it all off!

  6. Oh, I have a few pics of 80's hair, maybe I'll have to do a throwback post.
    Okay, long permed hair, then bend your head forward to blow dry to add volume - then style and spray on half a can of Final Net -what were we thinking???

  7. WOWEEE!! That was SOME hair!

    Best family vacation was when we went to South Padre Island (in TX)as a teenager and my sisters and I sang Bob Marley the whole trip!

  8. That top picture is from 1985... good guess, Jenn and Kelley! And you were super close, Amanda! And that hair required NO work for me... no "product", no blowdry, nothing. Too bad messy hair is not always the fashion ;-)

    So cool hearing about the best vacations! Very inspiring! Now I want to try some of those places! I am hoping to do a big roadtrip with the kids this coming summer... w/o husband. He says I am totally nuts. Didn't we know that already? lol


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