28 January 2011

Vecchio Venerdì

Here is something really vecchio having nothing to do with running or momming...

well, not entirely true...

this photo was taken in 1910 and is of my great-grandfather (who I actually remember very well), my great-aunt (who I remember a little) and my grandmother... the baby (for whom I am named and loved and remember vividly).

My great-grandfather carried the same name as my oldest son, Big G (well, he wasn't called "Big G" but they share what the "G" stands for ;-)  ).  My father also had the same name.  So Big G has this big joke going:  A "G" had an "M" who had a "G" who had an "M" who had a "G"... and he wants to have a little girl when he becomes a daddy so he can name her "M" (well, what the "M" stands for).

I tried letting him know that it is a really hard name to carry through childhood... lots of teasing and misspellings.  He doesn't care.  I wonder what his wife will think.


  1. So cool!! I seriously love finding out about my ancestors....so good to teach your kids about this stuff. Great job on your Wunning last week!

  2. I think carrying a name through a family is such a perfect way to honour someone. (Of course, I say that because I've honoured and been honoured!)


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