24 February 2011

The forecast calls for...SNOW!

It almost never snows here.  In fact, I can count on two fingers the number of times in my life it has snowed here.  that means it has snowed here twice in the past 47+ years, for those of you who are number-challenged ;-)

It does snow nearby in the higher hills every couple of years or so, but you have to drive 40 minutes to the "mountain" to the west or one hour to the "mountain" to the east to see any sort of accumulation (a few inches or so).  Actually snowing here... in the flatlands... super rare.  Even in the lower hills it's rare.  I remember it happening when I was about 10 years old.  It was the cooooooolest thing ever.  I know those of you in more wintry climates are thinking, "get over it, woman."

My kids have never seen snow.  They are sitting by the window right now.... waiting.  It isn't supposed to even be a possibility until Saturday morning.  I told them that.  They want to wait.  And watch.  They are crazy.  Snow crazy :)

I hope we get snow.  Of course, it might make this weekend's run a little more treacherous... especially since I am out of practice when it comes to dealing with the elements ;-)  Last night it was in the 40's when I went out for my run.  My husband was worried about me being too cold.  So sweet.  I was fine.

The run was supposed to be a speed workout.  I didn't have the patience for all that stopping and starting and warming up and rest-in-between pieces jazz.  I just wanted to go out and run for a bit... so that's what I did :)  I stepped outside, clicked my 'start' button and off I went.  I decided a few minutes into it to try what someone called a "progressive" run... I think it was Mamarunsbarefoot.  I did three miles... 9:49 for the first 3/4, 8:46 for the middle mile and a half, and 8:23 for the final 3/4... followed by 1.2 miles of cooling down at about 11 min/mile.  I loved that the whole thing was over in 40 minutes!

I don't think I could have waited much longer for dinner.  It was already 9:30 p.m.!

Do you like snow?  Did you when you were a kid?
–I love snow.  Glad I don't have to deal with it every day ... especially with kids... extra especially with little kids and babies.  I loved it when I was a kid because it was such a novelty.

Would you like to live where it snows or where the weather is nice all the time?
–I think getting it a little more often than we do would be nice...or I'd like to live a little closer to some place that gets a little accumulations.  But I really do like our weather :)


  1. Hey You! Thanks for your sweet comment. Made my day. I always look forward to reading your posts too. Great job on your progression run..this rocks! You are getting faster...right? So fun to see progress.

    Um, we just got snow last night! So cool...we don't see it very often. I really should have included a picture on my blog. Too bad the kids are sick though. They did play in it for awhile and we enjoyed our snow day!

    I grew up with snow. Lots of it in Colorado so it was weird moving here and not seeing it often. I can't believe your kids have never seen snow! I will do the snow dance for you. It is snowing again here! woo hoo! :)

  2. 47? someone's foolin' someone (it can't be me)

    Snow? Eh, I dunno. I like variability of weather. Just like all good things you can get too much of something (but not running, beer, or pizza). There's nothing like waking up to go for a run on fresh snow. But then there's nothing like waking up to go for a run in fog...(I could go on)

  3. Well I grew up with snow lots of it. (Wisconsin), and that kind of snow isn't much fun. Denver of course had snow and it was good there, but here in SF? I think not. I'll takea pass thanks.

  4. Where do you live that you don't get much snow??? Well, I hope it shows up for you and your kiddos sake, how fun would that be?!?!?

    I grew up in Iowa, I KNOW snow! Living in Colorado, we have our fair share, I'm just grateful we don't get the massive storm that the East and Midwest does! I'm thinking I need to move to San Diego when my boys are out of high school! :)

  5. I am Canadian! I LOVE snow!
    I miss snow and white winters!
    I prefer living where there's snow. where there's 4 real seasons

  6. Nice job on the progression run!!

    Well, I definitely know about snow here. Plenty of that stuff but I truly love it. I really wouldn't ever want to give up my seasons but I WOULD like to live somewhere with much milder winters. It is 24 degrees below zero this morning....

    I hope you do get the snow and your kiddos can go wild and crazy in it!

  7. Hello fellow corgi lover!

    I am now following you and have put a pic of my new Corgi, Nevada...since you ask, I will try to put up some pics of his new older brother Reno, he's a year and a half...so cute...


  8. I grew up snowless for 29 years in Las Vegas. I LOVE living in Colorado. I don't particularly like snow but considering that most of the time we have sunshine I totally don't mind the random snowy days here and there. Plus it melts off quickly. If i had my choice every winter would be like this one. Tons of snow in the mountains and hardly any in the city. Do you want to know what I HATE about snow? I hate when it gets sloshy. And the kids have to walk through a sloshy parking lot and then track their wet, dirty, drippy shoes into the car and coat the interior of your car with spooge. Hate it. It makes those days with multiple errands where you have to get the kids in and out of carseats several times downright painful!!!

  9. In fact, NO snow fell here this weekend. None. My kids were incredibly bummed. Well, beyond bummed.


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